Showcasing the latest Alder Lake industrial computer and a wide range of panel PCs

Cincoze has announced the forthcoming release of new Intel Alder Lake models in the Rugged Computing – DIAMOND and Display Computing – CRYSTAL product lines. The release will stren

Industrial | 06-02-2024

Slim embedded computers demonstrate the power of one computer/two purposes

Cincoze has deepened its embedded computer range. Customers have widely favoured two newly launched industrial computers (P2202 Series and P1201) for their thin and light design, p

Industrial | 23-01-2024

Empowering AOI with new embedded computer series

Cincoze has released the latest addition to the Rugged Computing - DIAMOND product line, the high-performance and PCIe expansion embedded computer (DS-1400 Series). Not only does i

Industrial | 12-10-2023

Industrial computer powers multiple railway computing applications

Cincoze's latest addition to Rugged Computing is the DIAMOND product line, an efficient and compact DX-1200 embedded industrial computer. The device is an excellent option for rail

Automotive & Transport | 02-08-2023

High-performance and compact embedded computer for industrial automation

Cincoze has released the DX-1200 embedded computer, the latest addition to its Rugged Computing – DIAMOND product line. Providing a compact, high-performance design, the device ove

Industrial | 09-05-2023

New thin embedded dual-purpose computer combines performance and flexibility

Cincoze has released its latest addition to the Display Computing – CRYSTAL product line, the P1201 embedded computer series. The device includes the improved computing performance

Industrial | 06-04-2023

Robust open frame display module features an exclusive adjustable design

Cincoze offers the CO-100 Series of open frame display modules with robust features and exclusive adjustable design for simple fitting into enclosures of various materials and thic

Industrial | 19-10-2022

New high-performance power-saving rugged industrial computer

Cincoze has released the DI-1100 series in the DIAMOND product line. Equipped with Intel Core Whiskey Lake-U CPUs, they offer high-performance and ultra-low power consumption 15W T

Subs & Systems | 10-12-2021