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Evaluation modules created to work together with larger systems

Texas Instruments LMG341xEVM-018 Daughter Cards configure two LMG3410R050 or two LMG3411R050 600V GaN FETs together with integrated driver and protection, in a half-bridge. These e

Subs & Systems | 22-05-2020

Sensor EVM facilitates rapid and convenient use of current sense monitor

Texas Instruments TMCS1101EVM Sensor Evaluation Module is a tool intended to facilitate rapid and convenient use of the TMCS1101. The TMCS1101 is an isolated Hall-effect precision

Design & Manufacture | 21-05-2020

Ultrasonic transducer EVM sensor signal conditioner

Texas Instruments BOOSTXL-TUSS4440 Ultrasonic Transducer EVM allows users to fully evaluate the TUSS4440 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner and transformer driver. Transducer com

Design & Manufacture | 20-05-2020

Hardware dev kit enables evaluation of common buck-boost converter use-cases

Texas Instruments TPS63802HDKEVM Hardware Development Kit is a universal development tool created to assist users to simply and quickly evaluate and test the most common buck-boost

Development Boards | 19-05-2020

CAN transceiver EVM can evaluate with minimal external components

Texas Instruments ISO1044DEVM CAN Transceiver EVM is employed to evaluate the small package, basic isolation, high-speed, robust EMC isolated CAN transceiver (ISO1044) in the SOIC-

Subs & Systems | 18-05-2020

AoP EVM is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation module

Texas Instruments IWR6843AOPEVM Antenna-on-Package EVM is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation module. The device comes with integrated, short-range, wide field-of-view AoP tech

Design & Manufacture | 15-05-2020

Controller EVM is a hybrid power boost mode battery charge controller

Texas Instruments bq24800EVM Controller EVM is an SMBus two-cell to four-cell hybrid power boost mode battery charge controller with hybrid boost and processor hot monitoring. The

Design & Manufacture | 14-05-2020

High-efficiency isolated DC-DC converter provides low EMI

Texas Instruments UCC12050 Isolated DC-DC Converter includes a 5kVRMS reinforced isolation rating created to produce efficient, isolated power to isolated circuits that need a bias

Power | 13-05-2020

Ultrasonic sensing and measurement SoCs for water and heat meters

Texas Instruments MSP430FR600x Ultrasonic Sensing and Measurement SoCs are powerful, highly integrated MCUs that are optimised for water and heat meters. The MCUs provide an integr

Semiconductors | 12-05-2020

Power supply designed to supply microcontrollers in safety-relevant applications

Texas Instruments TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 Multi-Rail Power Supply is designed to supply microcontrollers in safety-relevant applications, such as those seen in the automotive i

Power | 11-05-2020

Driverless step-down controller qualified for automotive applications

Texas Instruments TPS59632-Q1 Three-Phase Driverless Step-Down Controller comes with advanced features such as D-CAP+ control architecture with output voltage OSR and USR. This giv

Automotive & Transport | 07-05-2020

Synchronous buck FET drivers optimised for CPU VCORE applications

Texas Instruments TPS59603-Q1 Synchronous Buck FET Drivers are optimised for high-frequency CPU VCORE applications. These advanced features such as decreased dead-time drive and au

Automotive & Transport | 06-05-2020

SAR ADCs work over a wide power-supply voltage range

Texas Instruments ADS8355 two-channel simultaneous-sampling SAR ADCs are high-speed devices that support single-ended and pseudo-differential analog inputs. The ADCs provide a flex

Power | 05-05-2020

Ultra-low-power AFE created for optical bio-sensing applications

Texas Instruments AFE44I30 Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Analog Front End is intended for optical bio-sensing applications, such as heart-rate monitoring and saturation of peripheral

Subs & Systems | 04-05-2020