Isolated single-channel gate driver provides high power density

18-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments UCC5304 Isolated Single-Channel Gate Driver includes 4A peak-source and 6A peak-sink current. It is intended to drive power MOSFETs and GaNFETs in PFC, Isolated AC/DC, DC/DC, and synchronous rectification applications. The device provides fast switching performance and robust ground bounce protection through greater than 100V/ns CMTI.

The device is available in an 8.5mm SOIC-8 (DWV) package and supports isolation voltage up to 5kVRMS. Compared to an optocoupler, the driver family has lower part-to-part skew, lower propagation delay, higher operating temperature, and higher CMTI.

Protection features incorporate IN pin rejects input transient shorter than 5ns, both input and output can withstand –2V spikes for 200ns, and both supplies have UVLO. The device also offers active pull-down protection that clamps the output below 2.1V when unpowered or floated.

This device enables high efficiency, high power density, and robustness in an extensive variety of power applications.

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