Analog front end for residential smoke alarm

03-07-2020 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

Texas Instruments TPS8802 Analog Front End for Residential Smoke Alarm combines all of the regulators, amplifiers, and drivers needed for a smoke alarm.

This smoke alarm is a dual-wave photoelectric smoke alarm and a CO detection system. The device's high flexibility is excellent for smoke alarm systems where accuracy and power consumption are crucial. The wide input voltage range coupled with low standby power consumption and power-saving features support a ten-year battery life operation from a single lithium primary battery.

The device also supports battery backup smoke alarms, seamlessly remaining powered when the mains supply drops or if the battery is disconnected.

The device features include photo chamber AFE, carbon monoxide sensor AF, horn driver, power management, interconnection bus for multi-alarm communication, ultra-low power consumption, I2C serial interface, and programmable battery test load.

By Natasha Shek