Texas Instruments

Single-ended-to-differential amplifiers can directly interface with sensors

Texas Instruments OPA862 Single-Ended-to-Differential Amplifiers are created with high input impedance for directly interfacing with sensors. The device uses only 3.1mA quiescent c

Power | 01-05-2020

Step-down converters give optimal efficiency and output voltage accuracy

Texas Instruments LMR36520 Simple Switcher Step-Down Converters provide integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs, with output current up to 2A provided over a broad input vo

Power | 30-04-2020

Low noise op-amp delivers significant performance enhancements

Texas Instruments OPA818 Low Noise Op-Amp is a decompensated, voltage-feedback operational amplifier for high-speed and wide dynamic range applications. The op-amp has a low-noise

Power | 29-04-2020

Automotive highside LED driver meets multiple regulation demands

Texas Instruments TPS929120-Q1 Automotive 40V High-Side LED Driver with FlexWire interface is a 12-channel, 40V high-side LED driver controlling the 8-bit output current and 12-bit

Automotive & Transport | 28-04-2020

CMOS switch offers high-speed signals with low propagation delay

Texas Instruments SN3257-Q1 2:1 SPDT 4-Ch CMOS Switch supports high-speed signals with low propagation delay. The device provides a 2:1 (SPDT) switch configuration with four-channe

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 27-04-2020

Six-channel delta-sigma ADC ideal for energy metering and power metrology

Texas Instruments ADS131M06 6-Channel Delta-Sigma ADC is a six-channel, simultaneously-sampling, 24-bit, delta-sigma ADC. The device provides a wide dynamic range, low-power, and e

Semiconductors | 24-04-2020

EVM for smoke/CO detection alarm and power management IC

Texas Instruments TPS8802EVM Smoke/CO Alarm EVM is utilised to evaluate the TPS8802 smoke and CO detection analog front end and power management IC. The EVM provides for simple con

Design & Manufacture | 23-04-2020

Linear regulator evaluation module qualified for automotive applications

Texas Instruments TPS7B8550EVM Linear Regulator Evaluation Module evaluates the operation and performance of the TPS7B85-Q1 150mA LDO linear regulator. This evaluation module confi

Design & Manufacture | 22-04-2020

Motion detector aids designers in adding different technologies

Motion or occupancy detectors, available from Texas Instruments, are employed to detect security threats, save energy by using efficient lighting control and triggering other IoT e

Test & Measurement | 21-04-2020

Analog-to-digital converter offered in a small package size

Texas Instruments TLA2518 ADC is an simple-to-use, 8-channel, multiplexed, 12-bit, 1MSPS, SAR ADC. The eight channels can be separately configured as either analog inputs, digital

Semiconductors | 20-04-2020

Power MOSFET minimises losses in power conversion load management

Texas Instruments CSD25402Q3A NexFET Power MOSFET is –20V p-channel MOSFET created to reduce losses in power conversion load management applications. This device comes in a SON 3.3

Power | 17-04-2020

EVM evaluates high-speed bidirectional passive switching performance

Texas Instruments TMUXHS4212EVM Mux/Demux Evaluation Module can be employed to evaluate the TMUXHS4212. The device is a two-channel high-speed mux/demux switch that is compatible w

Design & Manufacture | 16-04-2020

Automotive LIN transceiver with integrated LDO voltage regulator

Texas Instruments TLIN1028S-Q1 Automotive LIN Transceiver is compliant to LIN 2.2A ISO/DIS 17987-4.2 standards, with an integrated LDO voltage regulator. LIN is a single-wire bidir

Automotive & Transport | 15-04-2020

Linear redriver supports PCIe generation 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0

Texas Instruments SN75LVPE4410 PCI-Express Gen-4 Linear Redriver is a four-channel, high-performance, low-power, linear repeater/redriver created to support PCI Express (PCIe) Gene

Semiconductors | 14-04-2020