Synchronous step-down DC-DC converters meet power management demands

26-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments LP8758-E3 Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converters are created to satisfy power management demands for low-power processors in network cards, mobile phones, and similar applications. The device comprises four step-down DC-DC converter cores, offering four output voltage rails. The devices are controlled by an I2C-compatible serial interface. The automatic PWM-PFM (AUTO mode) operation maximises efficiency over a broad output current range. The device supports programmable start-up and shutdown sequencing synchronised to hardware enable input signal.

The protection features include short-circuiting protection, input supply UVLO, current limits, and temperature warning and shutdown functions. A number of error flags are provided for status information of the device. Also, the device supports load current measurement with no addition of external current sense resistors. Through start-up and voltage change, the device controls the output slew rate to lessen output voltage overshoot and the inrush current.

Typical applications include optical modules, drone systems, smartphones, eBooks, and tablets, and solid-state drives.

By Natasha Shek