Power stage for high-density synchronous buck converters

24-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments CSD95485RWJ NexFET Power Stage is a highly optimised design for usage in high-power, high-density synchronous buck converters.

The device combines the driver IC and the power MOSFETs to complete the power stage switching function. This combination provides a high-current, high-efficiency, and high-speed switching ability in a small 5mm x 6mm outline package. The device also integrates the accurate, current sensing and temperature sensing functionality to simplify system design and enhance accuracy. The PCB footprint has been optimised to assist in reducing design time and simplify the achievement of the overall system design.

Typical applications include multiphase synchronous buck converters, high-frequency applications, high-current, low-duty cycle applications, POL DC-DC converters, memory and graphic cards, desktop and server VR12.x / VR13.x, and V-core synchronous buck converters.

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