Synchronous step-down converters provide high power density solution

29-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS62864/TPS62866 Synchronous Step-Down Converters are high-frequency synchronous step-down converters with an I2C interface which give an efficient, adaptive, and high power-density solution.

At medium to heavy loads, the converter functions in PWM mode and automatically begins Power Save Mode operation at light load to support high efficiency over the complete load current range. The device can also be forced in PWM mode operation for the smallest output voltage ripple.

With its DCS-control architecture, an excellent load transient performance and tight output voltage accuracy are delivered. Via the I2C interface and a dedicated VID pin, the output voltage is swiftly adjusted to modify the power consumption of the load to the ever-changing performance requirements of the application.

Typical applications include the core supply for FPGAs, CPUs, ASICs or video chipsets; camera modules; solid-state drives; and optical modules.

By Natasha Shek