Native red InGaN LEDs on silicon for microLED displays

Plessey has successfully developed what is claimed to be a world’s first GaN on Silicon-based Red LED. While InGaN-based Blue and Green LEDs are commercially available, Red LEDs ar

Lighting Technologies | 11-12-2019

GaN-on-Silicon monolithic full HD microLED bonded displays available now

Plessey has announced a notable milestone in the development of its monolithic microLED displays with its backplane partner, Jasper Display Corp. It is continuing partnership with

Subs & Systems | 17-05-2019

New light complements existing top lighting in greenhouses

Plessey has launched its new Hyperion Inter Light. The latest launch from their Hyperion Grow Light brand comes after the increasing success of its top light range. The company

Products | 07-02-2019

Full-colour microLED pixels shrunk by 87% using quantum dots

Plessey Semiconductors and Nanoco Technologies has partnered to shrink the pixel size of monolithic microLED displays using Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dot (CFQD quantum dots) se

Quantum | 08-01-2019

Collaboration established for tailored backplane for monolithic microLED displays

Plessey Semiconductors has established a strategic partnership with Jasper Display Corp. The company is going to utilise JDC’s silicon backplane to drive its monolithic microLED di

Products | 13-09-2018

New LED grow light for indoor greenhouse project

Plessey has announced that B4Hydrogrow BV, a new venture from B-Four Agro will install Plessey’s new Hyperion 1750 micromole/s LED top-lights in its first greenhouse measuring 29,0

Products | 09-08-2018

Next-generation AR smart glasses use microLED technology

Plessey Semiconductors is partnering with Vuzix to develop the technologies required for a new generation of AR Smart Glasses, based around the combination of Plessey’s microLED li

Products | 07-06-2018

MicroLED-based AR and VR HUD concept used for next-generation applications

Plessey Semiconductors has successfully demonstrated how its monolithic microLED technology can be used to achieve the next-generation of Head-Up Displays (HUDs), enabling new VR a

New Technologies | 19-01-2018

Grower boosts tomato yield in trial of LED and HPS hybrid lighting

Plessey has announced the results from a trial of its LED grow lights combined with existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in a hybrid installation with a leading tomato grow

Lighting Technologies | 22-09-2017

Lighting for design project connects buildings with nature?

Plessey has announced that they are a core partner in what is claimed to be the world’s first biophilic design project. The ‘Biophilic Office’ is a ground breaking office-refurbish


ECG monitor wins ‘Healthcare Technology of the Year’ at National Technology Awards

Plessey has won the prestigious National Technology Award for ‘Healthcare Technology of the Year’ for its imPulse™ ECG monitoring product. Plessey’s imPulse handheld device uti


Ultra-slim LED module family extended with new beam widths

Plessey has extended its range of ultra-slim Orion LED modules based on its Stellar beam forming technology, with new beam angles opening the technology to a wider range of applica

Products | 24-11-2016

First LED module based on award-winning beam forming technology

Plessey has announced the first standard LED module based on its award-winning Stellar beam forming technology. The new standard module opens opportunities for creativity in indu

New Technologies | 22-09-2016

Integrated LED modules for medium and high-power lighting applications

Plessey has unveiled a new LED beam control module, branded Stellar, the company's latest, GaN-on-silicon, LED solution showcasing the combination of Plessey's MaGIC low-cost, high

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 14-03-2016