Next-generation AR smart glasses use microLED technology

07-06-2018 | Plessey | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Plessey Semiconductors is partnering with Vuzix to develop the technologies required for a new generation of AR Smart Glasses, based around the combination of Plessey’s microLED light source product family, Quanta-Brite, and Vuzix’ extensive expertise and IP in Smart Glasses and essential optic technologies.

The company has successfully shown how its monolithic microLED technology can be used to deliver Smart Glasses technology for a wide range of AR and MR (mixed-reality) applications for use both indoors and out. Also, Vuzix has already produced an evolving family of Smart Glasses culminating in the Vuzix Blade, the next generation smart display with see-through viewing experience via proprietary waveguide optics.

‘This development with Vuzix, a leading actor in the exploration of next-generation augmented reality, is a significant endorsement of Plessey’s GaN-on-silicon microLED approach,’ said Dr Keith Strickland, chief technology officer at Plessey. ‘Monolithic microLED technology is fast emerging as the only one that can provide high luminance in a very small form factor with minimal energy consumption, necessary for reducing costs and enabling lightweight battery-powered products for a range of emerging consumer and industrial applications.’

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