PLC starter kit delivers practical training for industrial automation

Mouser now stocks the AKX00051 PLC starter kit from Arduino. The AKX00051 PLC starter kit bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills for industrial automation. Developed for vocational schools and technical institute

Mouser Electronics | 28-05-2024

New high-power RF terminations for enhanced performance launched

Fairview Microwave launched its high-power RF terminations. They are designed to improve signal integrity in demanding applications across telecommunications, aerospace and defence sectors. The newly unveiled terminations feature cutting

Fairview Microwave | 28-05-2024

Optocoupler features digital input and output to simplify designs and lower costs

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a new 25MBd high-speed optocoupler providing a CMOS logic digital input and output interface for easy integration into digital systems. For industrial applications, the single-channel VOIH72A comb

Vishay Intertechnology | 28-05-2024

Enhanced automotive-grade high-voltage CMOS foundry solution

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has updated its XP018 high-voltage CMOS semiconductor fabrication platform with new 40V and 60V high-voltage primitive devices, which offer an extended SOA for enhanced operational robustness. These second-generat

X-FAB | 28-05-2024

Reference book on DC-DC converters released

Würth Elektronik has launched another reference book for power supply engineers: 'DC/DC Converter Handbook – SMPS topologies from an EMC point of view'. It is now available in printed form and will also be available as an e-book in May.

Wurth | 28-05-2024

High-reliability connectors and backshells are available now

Weald Electronics provides high-performance interconnection solutions based on MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-26482 specifications. It manufactures a very wide range of circular bayonet and screw coupling connectors, offered in a c

Weald | 28-05-2024

New eBook focused on MEMS technology

Mouser has announced a new eBook in collaboration with Murata, exploring the use of MEMS technology in device design. In '9 Industry Experts Discuss MEMS Technology,' industry thought leaders provide unique perspectives on the benefits and

Mouser Electronics | 24-05-2024

Empowering growth and inspiring innovation with highly efficient EcoGaN and SiC power solutions

ROHM will present its new power semiconductor solutions, with a special focus on wide bandgap devices, at this year's PCIM Europe. Its SiC, Si and GaN portfolio is designed to fulfil the needs of various sectors – focusing on e-mobility and

ROHM Semiconductor | 24-05-2024

High-performance FPGA offers performance and cost-efficiency

The Xilinx Kintex-7 series, available now from WIN SOURCE, is designed to deliver an outstanding balance of performance and cost-efficiency for various high-performance applications. This FPGA employs the advanced 28nm High-K Metal Gate (HK

WIN SOURCE | 24-05-2024

Upgraded CO2 sensors offer enhanced specifications and improved performance

Available from Symmetry Electronics, Sensirion has unveiled the SCD40 and SCD41, an exciting upgrade to its SCD4x family, a highly accurate, reliable CO2 and humidity sensor modules. Replacing the now obsolete end-of-life (EOL) SCD42, devel

Symmetry Electronics | 24-05-2024

XLR audio connector range offers ten colour-coded sleeve options

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Amphenol RF AX Series Colour Coded Sleeve System for the industry-standard XLR plug and socket connectors. Amphenol developed the XLR audio connector design in 1995, and it is now the g

Inelcohunter | 24-05-2024

Smart building SPE jacks and cables deliver maximum efficiency

Stewart Connector, a Bel group company, has announced the release of SPE jacks and cables that adhere to the connectivity component standard IEC 63171-1. SPE allows data and power transmission via PoDL with transmission speeds of up to 1

Stewart Connector | 24-05-2024

Exploring 5G with extensive technical resource centre and new products

Mouser supplies engineers with insightful and trusted resources in its 5G content hub. Its technical resource centre delivers a wealth of knowledge about expanding the reliable, low-latency network. This global wireless standard offers incr

Mouser Electronics | 23-05-2024

New range of test and measurements tools offers exceptional value with enhanced safety

Extech has launched its new measurement tool series, available from Teledyne Flir. This latest offering includes the advanced EX-series of multimeters and clamp meters, the innovative IAQ320 air quality monitor, and the versatile BR450W bor

Teledyne FLIR | 23-05-2024

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