MicroLED-based AR and VR HUD concept used for next-generation applications

19-01-2018 | Plessey | New Technologies

Plessey Semiconductors has successfully demonstrated how its monolithic microLED technology can be used to achieve the next-generation of Head-Up Displays (HUDs), enabling new VR and AR applications. Commenting, Dr Keith Strickland, chief technology officer at Plessey, stated: “Monolithic microLED technology is the only viable solution that can enable products that are not only compact enough to be worn without restricting the overall experience for AR and VR applications and in HUDs but also provide the size, weight, power and luminance needed.” The demonstrator, created in collaboration with Artemis Optical, connects Plessey’s monolithic display, based on an array of microLEDs integrated beside an active matrix backplane, with the patented film technology and a single lens arrangement from Artemis. The blend of technologies removes ambient light in the wavelength matching the microLED display output, ending in a HUD that produces a very high display brightness with low power consumption, in a format that is a lot smaller than existing HUD designs but still enables significant cost savings.

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