New light complements existing top lighting in greenhouses

07-02-2019 | Plessey | Lighting Technologies

Plessey has launched its new Hyperion Inter Light. The latest launch from their Hyperion Grow Light brand comes after the increasing success of its top light range.

The company's Hyperion Inter Light is ideal for supplementing existing top lighting. The fixture has been specifically created to give intra canopy light from state-of-the-art LEDs for high wire cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and is situated within the crop to enhance existing top lighting.

With up to 300 micromoles/s light output and 3.0 µmol/ joule efficiency, greenhouse growers can increase production by using the right light at the right spot with the durable aluminium lightweight IP66 unit profile.

Jonathan Barton, director of Grow Lighting at Plessey, explained: “Placing lighting within the canopy of high wire plants is an energy efficient way to increase light levels and yields in greenhouses that already have supplementary top lighting. A combination of robust design, choice of light outputs and efficacy, simple installation and 5-year warranty offered with the Hyperion Inter Light optimises return on investment for growers.”

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