Ultra-slim LED module family extended with new beam widths

24-11-2016 | Plessey | Subs & Systems

Plessey has extended its range of ultra-slim Orion LED modules based on its Stellar beam forming technology, with new beam angles opening the technology to a wider range of applications in industrial and architectural lighting design.

The LED beam forming modules deliver a compact 3000 lumen beam from a tiny module which can be as little as 5.6mm thick, less than one-tenth the thickness of standard alternatives. The recently launched PLWS3000 25 degrees FWHM beam angle module has now been joined by modules with 15 degrees and 50 degrees beam angles. All modules in the family share a common 82mm diameter, allowing lighting designers to simply and easily substitute modules to create a family of compact luminaires suitable for a wide range of lighting applications.

With its slim line form, range of colour temperatures and improved thermal characteristics, the modules are designed to be used in a variety of directional lighting applications such as retail, track and architectural. Integrating latest LED technology in conjunction with its Stellar beam forming technology to provide an efficient, slim line module that provides customers with a new design freedom not accessible with alternative COB style modules. The outstanding thermal characteristics allow the heat sink and hence the overall luminaire to be reduced in size.

Paul Drosihn, Plessey’s head of modular products, said, “Plessey now offers Orion, modules in a range of formats offering designers greater freedom. Orion modules are revolutionising the lighting market, giving scope for a radical rethinking of the way in which lighting from industrial high bay to architectural luminaires is designed. The Orion family with Stellar beam forming technology provides an innovative approach to directional lighting applications opening new opportunities for creativity in industrial and architectural design.”

The family of modules is offered in three colour temperatures: warm white, neutral white and cool white. The modules have a luminous efficiency of over 100 lumens/Watt, feature an improved light uniformity and excellent thermal performance.

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