Wireless portfolio offers highly integrated single-core Wi-Fi microcontroller SoC

The Panasonic PAN9520, available now from Rutronik, is a 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n embedded Wi-Fi module based on Espressif's ESP32-S2. This highly integrated, low-power, single-core Wi-Fi microcontroller SoC includes a high-performance Xtensa 32-

Rutronik | 01-08-2022

New 24V MOSFET for wireless earphone batteries

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has released a new 24V MOSFET for wireless earphone batteries. The new MOSFET satisfies the goal of battery designers for long battery life after a quick charge by lowering conduction loss. The core ce

MagnaChip | 21-07-2022

New explosion proof LoRaWAN wireless condition monitoring sensor

Advantech has released the WISE-2410X explosion-proof LoRaWAN wireless condition monitoring sensor. It provides three-axis vibration inspection and equipment temperature 24 hours a day and meets ISO 10816 standards to facilitate successful

Advantech | 14-06-2022

Wireless multi-function ultra-compact charger IC for li-ion batteries

Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XC6810 series, a multifunctional ultra-compact charging IC for lithium-ion batteries that supports wireless power supply. The series provides ultra-small charging ICs for Li-ion batteries suitable fo

Torex Semiconductor | 08-06-2022

Scalable wireless charging platform with Qi-compliant and configurable controllers

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the WLC1115 transmitter controller ICs: the first product of the new WLC family of controllers for inductive wireless charging. It comes with a Qi v1.3.2 certified MP A11 power transmitter reference sol

Infineon | 31-05-2022

AC/DC and wireless technologies significantly reducing energy consumption

Visitors to the Eggtronic booth at PCIM 2022 will see innovative new power control and conversion architectures that enhance the efficiency and performance of AC/DC and wireless power transfer applications while notably decreasing component

Eggtronic | 26-04-2022

Wireless power charging technology is integrated into pen solutions

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced that its wireless power charging technology is integrated into the Active ES pen solutions from Wacom. The single-chip wireless power receiver IC provides a small size and high efficiency compar

Renesas | 19-04-2022

New wireless kit delivers Edge networking innovation

Advantech has released the latest member of its AIW-100 series – AIW-166K. This innovative Wi-Fi 6E wireless kit is an advanced future-proof offering in Advantech’s Industrial Wireless (AIW) portfolio. It is intended for industrial solution

Advantech | 08-04-2022

Enabling Qi 1.3 wireless charging with authentication

To ensure high quality wireless charging power transmitters, the WPC has released the Qi 1.3 specification with the extended power profile. This new specification produced demand for high security silicon authentication devices for full-ser

Microchip Technology | 01-04-2022

Next-generation reference design for automotive in-cabin wireless charging

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a next-generation customer reference design for automotive wireless charging stations. The new P9261-3C-CRBv2 offers industry-leading features that allow automotive manufacturers to swiftly and e

Renesas | 24-03-2022

OTAC tracker can safely and wirelessly charge asset trackers

Sensata Technologies has released the Sensata | Xirgo OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Solution, making it easy for users to safely and simultaneously charge and store up to 400 compatible asset trackers per charging station used to tra

Sensata Technologies | 17-03-2022

Wireless charging transmitter offers power dense solutions

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has released the AOZ32034AQV, a new product in the family of coil drivers for wireless charging transmitter circuits of up to 50W. The device is packaged in a thermally enhanced QFN 4 x 4 package,

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | 11-03-2022

Wireless switchgear for two-component injection moulding

Steute offer a simplified process monitoring for injection moulding machines with rotary plates. Wireless switches and sensors from the company guarantee safe, reliable and cable-free signal transmission in various applications. One area fo

Steute | 21-02-2022

New wireless charger modules facilitate wireless charging in thin and compact devices

ROHM has designed compact wireless charger modules with an integrated antenna board: the BP3621 (transmitter) and the BP3622 (receiver). The new modules enable creators to add wireless power supply functionality to smaller devices, includin

ROHM Semiconductor | 24-01-2022