New wireless module benefit from more efficient and compact design

NeoCortec released its new P Series of wireless NeoMesh modules at Electronica. Offering an RF/IO antenna connection placed under the module on solder pads for quick and easy soldering to any PCB, the P Series modules provide for a more eff

NeoCortec | 22-11-2022

Small OCXOs are low-frequency precise reference for wireless and fibre

Raltron is providing communications networks worldwide with its OX7000 Series, the smallest SMD OCXO available on the market. At just 9mm x 7mm, the series provides superior temperature stability in an ultra-small package and is created for

Raltron | 18-11-2022

In-depth RF wireless design resources for engineers

Mouser empowers engineering professionals to further their RF wireless solution designs with comprehensive informational resources. The company and its world-leading manufacturing partners provide deep insight into industry hot topics and t

Mouser Electronics | 11-11-2022

New series of amplifiers suited to multiple broadband applications

Fairview Microwave has extended its line of high-power amplifiers developed for multiple market applications in VHF, UHF, L, S, C, X and Ku bands. This innovative line of broadband high-power amplifiers comprises mainly GaN and some LDMO

Fairview Microwave | 11-11-2022

Aviation approved global asset tracker offers cost effective tracking

Theftex has announced that its Thingfox T2 asset tracking solution has been accredited by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Brussels Airlines for employment in the tracking of air cargo. The asset tracker is a total all-in-one solution for

Theftex | 11-11-2022

Addressing body blocking issues in the UWB market

Antennaware Ltd has launched a new addition to its Bodywave antenna range specifically aimed at the UWB radio market. Ideal for IoT, Wearable, Sports, Professional and Consumer Electronics markets, its robust UWB Bodywave elevates wearab

AntennaWare | 10-11-2022

Wireless MCU for use in wireless battery management systems

The Texas Instruments SimpleLink 2.4GHz CC2662R-Q1 device is an AEC-Q100 compliant wireless MCU aimed at wireless automotive applications. The device is optimised for low-power wireless communication in applications, including BMS and cable

Texas Instruments | 03-11-2022

Newly released Helium compatible LoRaWan transceiver module

REYAX Technology has launched a new Helium-compatible 868/915MHz transceiver module RYLR993, which supports the LoRaWAN long-range wireless protocol. The module provides LoRaWAN, LoRa proprietary selection and supports LoRaWAN class A, B

REYAX Technology | 28-10-2022

New series of compact and intelligent IIoT communication gateways

Advantech has released the new ECU-1100 intelligent wireless Industrial Edge gateway series. These RISC-based gateways provide a robust platform design with wireless and Ethernet communication, multiple protocol support, and WebAccess integ

Advantech | 27-10-2022

Secure high-precision dual-band GNSS timing module

u-blox offers a new, compact dual-band timing module that provides nanosecond-level timing accuracy, meeting the stringent timing necessities for 5G communications. The new NEO-F10T complies with the company's NEO form factor (12.2mm x 16mm

U-Blox | 27-10-2022

New MCU creates an easier way to add BLE connectivity

Microchip Technology Inc introduces its first Arm Cortex-M4F-based PIC MCU family solving this wireless connectivity design challenge by integrating BLE functionality straight into one of a system's most basic components, supported by one o

Microchip Technology | 26-10-2022

Automotive wireless connectivity simplifies development and security

NXP Semiconductors offers the OrangeBox automotive-grade development platform, which combines various NXP wireless technologies, from broadcast radio, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth, to secure car access with UWB and BLE, and 802.11p-based V2X. The

NXP | 25-10-2022

New outdoor antennas support 4G and 5G networks

Pasternack has extended its line of wideband, log periodic antennas. Its new, high-performance, wideband, log periodic antennas operate from 600MHz to 6000MHz for point-to-point wireless communications. They feature gain ranging from 3dB

Pasternack | 21-10-2022

Companies join forces to cooperate on wireless charging solutions

ROHM Group company LAPIS Technology and Shanghai Amphenol Airwave (a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation) have established a cooperative framework to provide wireless charging solutions for hearable and wearable devices that are moving towar

ROHM Semiconductor | 20-10-2022