High-quality alternatives for a series of fixed inductors

BEC Distribution has revealed the availability of high-quality alternatives for the Murata LQH series of fixed inductors, which are offered with short lead times. The wire-wound, s

Passives | 01-05-2024

Wireless charging coils offer high-efficiency

BEC Distribution now offers two LinkCom Wireless charging coils. Applications include mobile phones, earphones and many other electronic devices. The two products offered are 2-Coi

Power | 28-02-2024

Maximum performance transformers offer quality with reliability and affordability

BEC Distribution now offers the availability of LinkCom Transformer products, designed particularly to provide maximum performance without compromising quality, reliability or affo

Power | 19-10-2023

Alternative passives provide high-performance minimum size reliability

BEC Distribution Ltd has announced the availability of LinkCom Telecom Magnetics products, designed specifically to provide maximum performance within a compact size without compro

Passives | 07-08-2023

Electronics enclosures suited to IoT applications

BEC Distribution offers the CamdenBoss Hex-Box Enclosures. Manufactured by CamdenBoss, they are excellent for IoT applications. The enclosures are user-friendly, delivering rapid,

Industrial | 16-06-2023

Partnership offers wide range of terminal block products

BEC Distribution now offers the CamdenBoss range of terminal blocks. It offers a comprehensive range of terminal block products which includes screwless terminal blocks, standard t

Industrial | 28-02-2023

New range of passives offers short lead-times

BEC Distribution has added a new range of Passive Alternatives to their 'Select' range of quality passive alternatives. Unlike products from the major manufacturers, the Select ran

Passives | 27-12-2022

Miniature power inductors offer quality alternative passives

With material shortages badly affecting the availability of SMT Power Inductors, BEC Distribution now provides quality alternatives with a 5-7 week lead time. The miniature power i

Passives | 08-11-2022

High Q radial inductors added to range of quality passive alternatives

Bourns PT121 series High Q Radial Inductors are now on 'Last Time Buy' with no replacements. BEC Distribution can now provide alternatives. The inductors are part of its 'Select' r

Passives | 01-08-2022

New range of high-reliability terminal blocks

BEC Distribution Ltd now provides a new range of high-reliability terminal blocks. They are part of its 'BEC Select' range of quality alternative passives, delivering affordable, h

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 11-07-2022

Wide range of quality alternative RF connectors

BEC Distribution offers a wide range of RF Connectors from RHT. The connectors provide replacement components for manufacturers including Amphenol, Cinch Connectivity, Hirose, John

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 06-05-2022

Ultra-small and high-current dual inductors meet AEC-Q200 standard

BEC Distribution now offers the new Coilmaster range of Ultra-Small, High-Current Dual Inductors meeting AEC-Q200 Automotive reliability standards, engineered to withstand harsh au

Passives | 16-02-2022