Maximum performance transformers offer quality with reliability and affordability

19-10-2023 | BEC | Power

BEC Distribution now offers the availability of LinkCom Transformer products, designed particularly to provide maximum performance without compromising quality, reliability or affordability. These products are designed to meet international safety and emissions standards. All are RoHS compliant.

The products are part of the "BEC Select" range of quality passives, delivering high-quality standard parts (including IC-approved parts), customised parts and cost-effective alternatives with very competitive lead times.

LinkCom supplies a wide range of balun transformers for impedance matching, also suited to DOCSIS3.0, DOCSIS3.1 and further. Applications primarily involve the use in broadband equipment.

HomePlug is the PLC standard of Qualcomm. These transformers are employed in networking equipment and EV charging applications. The company also provides a wide range of other PLC and transformers. It works with chip vendors for HomePlug,, G3-PLC4 and has IC approval from several chip companies.

Its Gate Drive Transformers are used in an SMPS to control semiconductors' on/off timing. The products deliver high efficiency and low loss characteristics.

LinkCom also provides customised parts according to the customer's requirements. This includes modified standard parts but also fully customised parts. 'Cross parts' for the substitution of competitor parts are also proffered. This applies to situations where a customer requires a replacement for a competitor part for various reasons (e.g. end of life, price, supply issues, etc).

Wireless charging coils for mobile phones, earphones, etc, are another major market for its products.


By Seb Springall