Intelligent cellular routers for industrial IoT and enhanced networking

20-10-2023 | Advantech | Industrial

Advantech offers a wide range of smart cellular routers and gateways for Industrial IoT and Enhanced Networking, including 5G, LTE, 3G HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS. Constructed and optimised for critical infrastructure applications in the most challenging and remote locations and environments, their simplified plug-and-play designs, with extensive remote management, allow users to quickly configure, deploy and customise any installation from anywhere over an IP network.

The versatility of industrial 5G and 4G applications requires hardware fit for purpose. The company offers a comprehensive selection of routers and gateways designed and built in the European Union with the right data speeds, interfaces, and the needed rugged specifications.

The line between a router and an embedded computer is blurring in many of the latest applications, and depending on the processing power required, an intelligent router is significantly more cost-effective than an embedded computer. New data demands for IIoT or operations optimisation initiatives also open further questions about where data is compiled, enriched, and processed.

The company's range of cellular routers and gateways for IIoT and enhanced, flexible, effective and secure networking include ICR-2000, ICR-2400, and ICR-2500 4G entry-level routers LTE Cat.4 with 3G/2G fallback industrial popular port options up to 4× Ethernet 10/100.

ICR-4453 ultra high-speed 5G router and powerful edge computing gateway 5G NR cellular connectivity, Sub-6GHz Quad-core CPU with 1GB RAM 2× SIM, eSIM Ready, TPM 2.0 5× Gigabit Ethernet, SFP Connector RS232, RS485, CAN BUS, 2× DI, 2× DO, USB Host

ICR-2700 Libratum, ICR-2800 successors of v2 platform next-generation of successful design LR77 v2 router platform Great value for several applications. They are ruggedised for industrial use.

With pre-built APIs into selected applications platforms and an open environment that supports app development in Java, Python, C/C++, Node-Red, and Docker, these routers supply more flexibility than any other router on the market. An online App library is accessible for downloads on Apps already developed to improve specific router functionality.


By Seb Springall