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Innovative L-type mounts for standard gain horn antennas

Pasternack has announced its latest breakthrough with L-type mounts for standard gain horn antennas. This groundbreaking mounting solution optimises testing and measurement setups

Industrial | 26-04-2024

Phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators meet next-gen RF needs

Pasternack has launched its newest product lines of phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators featuring an intuitive dial design. The products are designed to enhance pe

Passives | 25-04-2024

RF fixed attenuators and terminations operate at up to 6GHz

Pasternack has revealed its line of RF fixed attenuators and terminations capable of operating up to 6GHz. These cutting-edge components fulfil the rigorous demands of modern wirel

Passives | 19-04-2024

New RF terminations deliver high power for demanding applications

Pasternack has released its latest innovation – high-power RF terminations with operating frequencies up to 6GHz. These terminations are crafted with various connectorised designs,

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 17-04-2024

Expanded low-PIM product line enhances wireless infrastructure

Pasternack has released its latest low-PIM products. The devices are created to fulfil the advancing demands of modern wireless applications, including the burgeoning 5G and future

Industrial | 15-04-2024

Innovative trihedral corner reflectors improve radar and antenna testing accuracy

Pasternack has launched its new trihedral corner reflectors. These reflectors, featuring a unique trihedral design, are set to revolutionise radar and antenna testing applications

Passives | 11-04-2024

New SPDT toggle switches with SMA connectors bring flexibility and easy operation

Pasternack has released its latest innovation, SPDT toggle switches with SMA connectors. These switches are designed to satisfy the demands of high-frequency applications up to 26G

Industrial | 09-04-2024

Efficient signal distribution is the hallmark of new waveguide power dividers

Pasternack has launched its waveguide power dividers. Precision-made to fulfil the pressing needs of engineers and technicians in the field, these two-way power dividers are a big

Passives | 22-03-2024

New high-power RF fixed attenuators feature durable connectors

Pasternack has introduced high-power RF fixed attenuators with 2.4mm connectors. These state-of-the-art attenuators deliver outstanding performance and are designed to satisfy the

Passives | 06-03-2024

New RF fixed attenuators with 3.5mm connectors provide precision control

Pasternack has launched its cutting-edge RF fixed attenuators with 3.5mm connectors. These advanced attenuators are set to optimise RF signal control in various applications. The R

Passives | 28-02-2024

Standard gain horn antenna radome covers enhance outdoor performance

Pasternack has released its innovative standard gain horn antenna radome covers. Meticulously designed, they protect a wide array of waveguide horn antennas, providing optimal func

Passives | 23-02-2024

Precision-engineered stamped metal antennas for multiple solutions

Pasternack announces its new line of stamped metal antennas, crafted for those prioritising efficiency and intelligent design in their electronic solutions. Harnessing the prowess

Passives | 15-01-2024

Waveguide calibration kits and extensions debuted

Pasternack has released its latest addition to the product lineup – a series of waveguide calibration kits designed for WR-90, WR-75, WR-62, WR-34, WR-28 and WR-22. They provide fe

Passives | 24-11-2023

Advanced compact rubberduck and whip-style antennas deliver high-performance

Pasternack offers its latest product line – a sophisticated series of rubberduck and whip-style antennas. These antennas, created to elevate wireless applications, demonstrate the

Test & Measurement | 15-11-2023