Thermal Management

Die attach epoxy meets NASA low outgassing requirements

The Master Bond EP17HTDA-2 is a one-component epoxy that may be employed for bonding, sealing and die attachment. It is not premixed and frozen, and it cures with heat. This dimensionally stable system offers exceptional mechanical properti

Masterbond | 25-04-2023

Design-in components advice for electronic and electromechanical components

Würth Elektronik will be exhibiting at embedded world. True to its motto, "more than you expect!" the manufacturer will showcase its services to assist its customers in bringing their products to market faster. These range from online platf

Wurth | 28-02-2023

Non-cytotoxic epoxy withstands multiple methods of medical sterilisation

Master Bond EP41S-5Med is a two-part epoxy system that meets the demands of ISO 10993-5 for non-cytotoxicity and can be employed for sealing, bonding, and coating in medical devices. It offers high-temperature resistance and excellent stren

Masterbond | 13-02-2023

Highest power and flexibility in adhesive curing

DELO has created a line lamp for curing adhesives and other multi-functional polymers. DELOLUX 301 is ideal for highly automated processes in small and narrow production lines. The lamp provides the highest curing speeds and excellent flexi

DELO | 06-02-2023

New silicon carbide schottky barrier diodes released

Diodes Incorporated has released its first SiC SBD. The portfolio includes the DIODES DSCxxA065 series with 11 products rated at 650V (4A, 6A, 8A, and 10A) and the DIODES DSCxx120 series with eight products rated at 1200V (2A, 5A, and 10A).

Diodes Inc | 02-02-2023

New generation of non-silicone dispensable thermal gels

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has released THERM-A-GAP GEL 40NS, the next iteration in its silicone-free, thermally conductive gels. This one-component, low-outgassing material provides a special formulation to satis

Parker Chomerics | 26-01-2023

High-temperature MLCC products and extreme temperature solution

Samsung Electro-Mechanics X8L and X8G MLCC guarantee high reliability in extreme temperatures. High voltage power converters are crucial to EV Powertrain systems as HEV is being developed with a combination of the ICE. This article discusse

Samsung Electro-Mechanics | 01-12-2022

Zero setup datalogger with new vacuum level measurement

Solderstar will show an expanded product range at IPC APEX Expo 2023. On display will be the zero setup SLX thermal datalogger which has been updated with a new extension to measure vacuum level in a reflow oven. As electronic products b

Solderstar | 29-11-2022

Wireless mobile infrared camera for inspecting hard-to-reach places

Teledyne FLIR has released its FLIR ONE Edge Pro, a wireless thermal-visible camera for mobile devices. Unlike past models, the reimagined device does not need to be physically linked to its companion mobile device nor does it have separate

Teledyne FLIR | 16-11-2022

New moisture-resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive for high humidity environments

Intertronics now offers Bond2Bond Aquafast, a new single-part, 'instant' adhesive ideal for environments with high humidity. The adhesive is a low odour, low bloom, medium-viscosity cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive that provides outstanding adhe

Intertronics | 04-11-2022

Cost-efficient digital sensing module for humidity and temperature measurement

The E+E Elektronik HTM502 sensing module provides a cost-effective humidity and temperature measurement solution. It is characterised by straightforward implementation, high accuracy, and reliability. Integration and interchangeability thro

E+E Elektronik | 19-10-2022

High-endurance SSD solutions deliver thermal efficiency to HPEC applications

Advantech has released a pair of new SQFlash PCIe Gen.4 SSD solutions: the SQF 930 and SQF ER-1. IoT is forcing growing demand for high-performance storage. Consequently, the solutions provide industrial heat dissipation capabilities that s

Advantech | 05-09-2022

New thermal imager aimed at the MRO sector

Voltcraft’s WB 500 IR camera, available now from Conrad Electronics, provides high-tech features suitable for tackling the most challenging tasks. It offers a high frame rate of 50fps, ensuring non-blurry images of moving parts of equipment

Conrad Electronic | 12-07-2022

Expanded range of handheld thermal imaging cameras

Teledyne FLIR has added the E52 camera to its range of Exx thermal Imaging devices, including the E96, E86, E76 and E54 models. The new camera provides professional-quality thermal resolution to deliver images that are easy to read and on-c

Teledyne FLIR | 08-06-2022