Power Integrations

BLDC motor hardware-software combo slashes inverter sleep-mode consumption

Power Integrations has enhanced its hardware-software bundle for BLDC with BridgeSwitch-2, a new high-voltage integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family targeting applicat

Power | 17-06-2024

Single-board plug-and-play gate drivers offer 'new dual' IGBT modules

Power Integrations has launched the SCALE-iFlex XLT family of dual-channel plug-and-play gate drivers for operation of single LV100 (Mitsubishi), XHP 2 (Infineon), HPnC (Fuji Elect

Power | 30-05-2024

New switcher IC family with multiple independently regulated outputs

Power Integrations has announced the InnoMux-2 family of single-stage, independently regulated multi-output offline power-supply ICs. The ICs consolidate AC/DC and downstream DC-DC

Power | 01-03-2024

Switcher IC ZVS flyback topology and advanced SR FET control enable 95% efficiency

Power Integrations has released the InnoSwitch5-Pro family of high-efficiency, programmable flyback switcher ICs. The single-chip switcher achieves over 95% efficiency with a novel

Power | 02-02-2024

Ground-breaking 1250V GaN switcher IC now available

Power Integrations has released the world's highest-voltage, single-switch GaN power supply IC, featuring a 1250V PowiGaN switch. InnoSwitch3-EP 1250V ICs are the latest members of

Power | 02-11-2023

Collaboration advances power supply design automation

Power Integrations and SnapMagic have announced that PI Expert, Power Integrations' robust online design tool, now features schematic and netlist export, made possible by SnapMagic

Power | 18-10-2023

Non-isolated flyback switcher ICs with best-in-class efficiency and light-load operation

Power Integrations has released the LinkSwitch-XT2SR family of off-line, CV, non-isolated flyback switcher ICs. The new devices provide extremely high efficiency of up to 90% for s

Power | 19-09-2023

New IGBT/SiC module gate drivers with temperature readout

Power Integrations has launched the SCALE-iFlex LT NTC family of IGBT/SiC module gate drivers. The new gate drivers are aimed at the popular new dual, 100mm x 140mm style of IGBT m

Power | 12-05-2023

High efficiency and small form factor in ZVS power-supply ICs

Power Integrations has released its InnoSwitch4-Pro family of digitally controllable, off-line CV/CC ZVS flyback ICs, which greatly reduce the size of power adapters. Integrating a

Power | 22-11-2022

Software Generates a Planar Transformer Design in Only Five Minutes

Power Integrations has released a new function in PI Expert, the online design tool that automatically generates optimised power supply designs based on the users' specifications.

Industrial | 28-10-2022

Buck switcher IC for low-part-count automotive PSUs

Power Integrations has released a high-current member of its LinkSwitch-TN2Q automotive switcher IC family, providing up to 850mA of output current without needing metal heatsinkin

Automotive & Transport | 25-08-2022

IGBT/SiC module driver family targets bus, truck and con-ag EVs

Power Integrations offers the SCALE EV family of gate-driver boards for Infineon EconoDUAL modules. Appropriate for original, clone and new SiC variants, the driver is aimed at hig

Automotive & Transport | 17-05-2022

High-efficiency quasi-resonant PFC IC with GaN switch

Power Integrations has launched the HiperPFS-5 family of PFC ICs with an integrated 750 V PowiGaN gallium-nitride switch. With an efficiency of up to 98.3%, the new ICs provide up

Semiconductors | 30-03-2022

First automotive-qualified high-voltage switcher ICs boosts efficiency

Power Integrations has added two new AEC-Q100 qualified, 1700V rated ICs to its InnoSwitch3-AQ family. The new devices are the industry's first automotive-qualified switching power

Automotive & Transport | 04-02-2022