Medical and industrial power supply series extended with five extra output voltages

TDK Corporation announces additional output voltage models to the 250W-rated TDK-Lambda brand CUS250M series of power supplies in the industry standard 2” x 4” footprint. The full

Power | 19-04-2024

Highly reliable M.2 type SSD with PCI Express support for industrial applications

TDK Corporation has launched its new M.2 2280 type SSD (SNP1A series), supporting PCIe and NVMe. The SSD integrates NAND flash memory, its GBDriver GX1 controller IC, and an intern

Industrial | 15-04-2024

New series of power capacitors for operating temperatures up to +105C

TDK Corporation offers a new series of EPCOS power capacitors for DC link applications developed for an operating temperature of up to +105C. The components with the ordering code

Passives | 10-04-2024

Industrial power supplies feature low output noise with long field life and Class B EMI

TDK Corporation has introduced the ZWS-C series of 10, 15, 30 and 50W-rated industrial AC/DC power supplies. The products meet EN55011/EN55032-B conducted and radiated EMI in eithe

Power | 03-04-2024

Three-phase AC/DC DIN rail power supplies offer a +50% boost power rating

TDK Corporation has added higher power, three-phase AC input models to the TDK-Lambda DRB series of DIN rail mount power supplies. With 24V, 48V and 72V outputs, the products are r

Power | 15-02-2024

Varistors in SMD design provide high surge current capability

TDK Corporation has released two new varistor series in SMD design. The types of these series are offered for a wide range of operating voltages from 175VRMS to 460VRMS, correspond

Passives | 01-02-2024

Single-phase EMI filters for DIN rail can be used in DC applications

TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of single-phase EMC filters with the B84742A*R725 series. These components serve AC and DC applications up to 250V and rated currents fro

Power | 25-01-2024

Demo kit for ultrasonic sensor modules used for obstacle detection

TDK Corporation offers a demo kit for the mechanically decoupled ultrasonic sensor module USSM1.0 PLUS-FS. This component can be used for obstacle detection and distance measuremen

Test & Measurement | 19-01-2024

Solution launched to run ultra-low power machine learning models on a six-axis IMU

TDK Corporation now offers the InvenSense SmartEdgeML, an advanced edge ML solution allowing new possibilities for wearables, hearables, AR glasses, IoT, and other products that be

Semiconductors | 16-01-2024

New three-axis accelerometer for non-safety automotive applications

TDK Corporation has launched the InvenSense SmartAutomotive IAM-20381HT high-temperature monolithic three-axis MotionTracking accelerometer for non-safety automotive applications,

Test & Measurement | 15-01-2024

New ASIL C ready stray-field robust 3D sensors for automotive and industrial applications

TDK Corporation has extended its Micronas 3D HAL position sensor family with new HAL 3930-4100 and HAR 3930-4100 for automotive and industrial applications. The sensors empower pre

Semiconductors | 04-12-2023

Sample kit offered for series of compact high-current chokes

TDK Corporation offers a sample kit for the B82559A*A033 series of shielded EPCOS ERU 33 high-current chokes. The sample kit (ordering number: B82559X033) comprises two pieces of e

Passives | 23-11-2023

Industrial power supply operates from 400/440/480VAC Delta and Wye inputs

TDK Corporation has added the TDK-Lambda brand TPS4000-12 power supply, extending the existing 3kW to 4kW rated TPS series. Supplying up to 2040W output power (12V at 170A) in a 2U

Power | 21-11-2023

World's first SMD inrush current limiter

TDK Corporation has developed the J404, the world's first surface-mountable ICL based on PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology. Designed for DC voltages of up to 500V a

Power | 06-11-2023