Low-side gate driver for SiC MOSFETs and high-power IGBTs

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched the IX4352NE Low-side SiC MOSFET and IGBT Gate Driver. This innovative driver is designed to drive SiC MOSFETs and high-power IGBTs in industrial appl

Power | 16-05-2024

Single cell super capacitor protection IC for enhanced backup power solutions

Littelfuse, Inc. has unveiled the newest eFuse Protection IC lineup member, the LS0502SCD33S. This novel development presents the Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC, tailore

Semiconductors | 13-05-2024

Ultra-miniature overmoulded reed switch solution for space-constrained designs

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the 59177 Series ultra-miniature overmoulded reed switch. This switch presents designers with unparalleled flexibility for space-constrained applica

Test & Measurement | 09-02-2024

Varistor series offers a breakthrough in automotive and electronics surge protection

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the SM10 Varistor Series, a revolutionary MOV designed to deliver superior transient surge protection in automotive electronics, EVs, and other applic

Passives | 02-02-2024

Advanced overtemperature detection solution for EV Li-ion battery packs

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced TTape, a groundbreaking overtemperature detection platform designed to transform the management of Li-ion battery systems. With its innovative featu

Automotive & Transport | 16-01-2024

Sub-miniature reed switches provide high-reliability and longer life cycles

Littelfuse, Inc. has announced the availability of the MATE-12B Reed Switch Series. These sub-miniature reed switches supply longer life and higher reliability than currently obtai

Power | 03-01-2024

Load switch ICs series with ultra-low power consumption extends battery lifetime

Littelfuse, Inc. offers its latest release of five versatile load switch devices in the Protection ICs product line. These new Load Switch ICs are ultra-efficient, 2A and 4A-rated

Semiconductors | 21-12-2023

Miniature TMR sensors with enhanced sensitivity and power efficiency

Littelfuse, Inc. has released its 54100 and 54140 miniature TMR effect sensors. These sensors provide unmatched sensitivity and power efficiency, revolutionising the magnetic sensi

Test & Measurement | 11-12-2023

Optically isolated photovoltaic driver for isolated switching applications

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched the FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver. This innovative product generates a floating power source, making it an exceptional choice for isol

Power | 21-11-2023

High surge current AC power line protection device

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched its new Pxxx0S3N-A Automotive Grade 3kA SIDACtor Protection Thyristor Series in the DO-214AB (SMC) package. This innovative product is created to supp

Passives | 17-11-2023

Current shunt resistor solution for high-performance current sensing

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched its SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors – the first in its portfolio. These two-terminal, ultra-low stance shunt resistors are uniquely designed to sat

Power | 09-11-2023

Compact reed sensor offers design flexibility for IoT proximity sensing

Littelfuse, Inc. has released its latest innovative product, the 59001 Reed Sensor. This miniature D-shaped cylindrical reed sensor provides a compact size, high performance, and c

Test & Measurement | 30-10-2023

eFuse super capacitor protection ICs for backup power charging applications

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the latest addition to the eFuse Protection ICs product line of versatile circuit protection devices, the LS0502SCD33. This pioneering innovation mark

Semiconductors | 25-10-2023

First automotive grade P-channel enhancement mode power MOSFET

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the IXTY2P50PA, the first automotive-grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET. This ingenious product design fulfils the demanding needs of automotive appl

Power | 20-10-2023