All-in-one tool for safety and performance testing of EV charging stations

Fluke has released its FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyser. Technicians involved in the functional testing and troubleshooting of Level 2 and Level 1 AC EV charging stations (EVCSs

Test & Measurement | 09-05-2024

Major step forward with new PV analyser and I-V curve tracer

Fluke has released the new Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 PV Analyzer and I-V Curve Tracer. The announcement means that installation and maintenance engineers working on large-scale s

Test & Measurement | 07-05-2024

New high-voltage insulation resistance testers deliver accuracy and speed

Fluke has announced two portable and lightweight (1.3kg) Insulation Resistance Testers for fast, accurate and reliable testing up to 2500V (DC). The high-voltage 1535 and 1537 Insu

Test & Measurement | 11-03-2024

Engineers prioritise arc flash safety with range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools

Fluke has developed a range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools to ensure safety is the highest priority for engineers working in potentially dangerous arc flash zones. E

Test & Measurement | 06-11-2023

New advanced wire tracers deliver superior accuracy and safety

Fluke has released two new wire tracers that simplify tracing and troubleshooting at energised and de-energised wires in residential, commercial and industrial environments with a

Power | 08-09-2023

Upgrade brings extra layer of detection to precision acoustic imagers

To assist users in identifying and localising ‘mechanical areas of interest’ within short timeframes, Fluke has added a unique new feature to its ii910 precision acoustic imagers.

Test & Measurement | 18-07-2023

High-performance multi-product calibrator offers increased bench space

Fluke has released the Fluke 5560A High-Performance Multi-Product Calibrator, which offers the widest electrical workload coverage and highest accuracy. Meeting the demand at the h

Test & Measurement | 17-01-2023

New EVCS can be used for investigative troubleshooting

Fluke has launched a new FEV300 electric vehicle charging station adapter for electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). Intended to simulate an EV attached to the EVCS, the user-f

Test & Measurement | 12-10-2022

eBook helps process and manufacturing improve energy efficiency and productivity

Fluke has released a new eBook explaining the benefits of digitised acoustic leak detection technology for facility and maintenance managers. Entitled 'Fluke leak detection tools –

Test & Measurement | 27-09-2022

Top tools and technologies for improving operational efficiencies

Fluke selects the top three trends enhancing operational efficiency in today's industrial environments. The rising energy cost has now overshadowed the pandemic's challenges posed

Test & Measurement | 10-08-2022

Huge savings on fibre testers to celebrate 30 years

Fluke Networks released its first tester in 1992, sticking to what professionals had come to expect from it – a rugged, reliable, and portable tester with advanced measurement abil

Test & Measurement | 04-03-2022

Simple to use power quality analyser for error-free measurements

Fluke has launched the 1770 series Power Quality Data logger/Troubleshooter, the first instrument constructed on its future platform for Power Quality Analysers, with significant g

Test & Measurement | 18-10-2021

Tools and network testers plus calibration equipment offer this autumn

Fluke has launched the autumn seasonal promotion prompting customers to claim a free product when they purchase a Fluke tool between 1 September and 15 December 2021. A wide variet

Test & Measurement | 06-09-2021

New precision acoustic imager detects electrical discharge

The new Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager uniquely facilitates the detection of corona and partial discharge from a safe distance of up to 120m. Teams can work safely, minimise

Test & Measurement | 08-06-2021