Accelerating O-RAN interoperability testing with real-time analyser

24-11-2023 | Viavi Solutions | Industrial

Viavi Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) has expanded its NITRO Wireless portfolio by adding XhaulAdvisor, a scalable software solution providing real-time data for fronthaul verification, analysis, emulation and channel utilisation. The first solution in the market to offer real-time analytics, it enables Open RAN vendors, operators and OTIC labs to accelerate interoperability testing and End-to-End testing and troubleshooting.

Unlike conventional tools that need lengthy waiting periods for capture, post-processing and visualisation, the solution facilitates a realistic testing and validation environment in real-time. Vendors and operators rapidly and accurately correlate test anomalies to network events and troubleshoot fronthaul and transport timing, packet flows and channel utilisation, as well as analyse M-plane, S-plane and C/U-plane sessions.

Various operation modes are obtainable to fit unique application needs, from setup in passive or through mode to analysis in live or post-capture environments. Synchronisation can be acquired from open fronthaul or an external timing source. Supplying operational flexibility, this solution can be deployed on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

The solution can be combined with other of the company's tools already present in the testbed – such as TM500 and TeraVM – to speed up troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and flagging and isolation of issues caused by RAN, transport or synchronisation functions.

"The complex Open RAN supplier ecosystem demands reliable testing of different network components early in the development cycle. The XhaulAdvisor significantly reduces test time by delivering the industry's first real-time fronthaul analysis," said Ian Langley, senior vice president, Wireless Business Unit, VIAVI. "This solution is part of the VIAVI commitment to increasing confidence in deployment of Open RAN."


By Seb Springall