Cloud-based environment accelerates automotive AI development and evaluation

28-12-2023 | Renesas | Automotive & Transport

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new cloud-based development environment today to streamline the software design process for automotive AI engineers. The new platform, AI Workbench, is an integrated virtual development environment that empowers automotive AI engineers to design, simulate and fine-tune automotive software – all within the cloud.

Engineers can begin designing automotive software with this environment by leveraging Microsoft Azure services, including Azure Compute, IaaS services, Microsoft Entra ID and Azure Security. Instead of installing tools on a PC or acquiring an evaluation board, they can perform tasks such as performance evaluation, debugging and verification employing simulation tools online. This approach aligns with the 'Shift-Left' approach, which allows software creation and testing earlier in the design cycle, even before the actual hardware becomes available. For example, it is feasible to start developing AI-enabled application software to support ADAS and autonomous driving for the upcoming fifth-generation R-Car SoC before the availability of hardware samples. This environment will serve as a unified development platform for designing and testing the company's scalable automotive SoCs and MCUs, regardless of product type or application.

"We are thrilled to introduce a cloud-based virtual development and AI model performance testing environment for automotive AI engineers in collaboration with Microsoft, a leading cloud technology provider," said Mandali Khalesi, global VP, HPC AI and Cloud Technology at Renesas. "We are committed to improving the AI development environment through new features such as continuous monitoring and analysis of software usage."

"Cloud-based development is a secure and cost-effective method to address the increasing complexities of today's embedded projects. The collaboration between Renesas and Microsoft aims to tackle this challenge and accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry," said Ulrich Homann, corporate vice president and distinguished architect, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. "With Renesas' AI Workbench, developers can now efficiently build and test software for a myriad of applications using Renesas SoCs in a cloud-based environment powered by Azure."


By Seb Springall

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