New 5G software capabilities added to high-performance oscilloscopes

Tektronix, Inc. has released its SignalVu 5G NR analysis software for 6 Series B MSO oscilloscopes. Engineers may now perform critical 5G NR measurements per 3GPP specifications on the oscilloscopes they rely on to bring up and characterise

Tektronix | 08-03-2022

Software update with new features and trial month for AI training software

Users of the all-in-one embedded vision system IDS NXT ocean now have a complete range of new features at their disposal. These comprise multi-ROI ('Region Of Interest') for AI-based object detection and the opportunity to utilise different

IDS | 02-03-2022

Vehicle integration platform helps accelerate software development

NXP Semiconductors has launched the S32G GoldVIP to help address real-time and application development challenges of software-defined vehicles using S32G vehicle network processors. This groundbreaking vehicle integration platform provides

NXP | 25-02-2022

Microscope software easily captures precise, repetitive 2D Images and measurements

The Olympus PRECiV software allows production, quality control, and inspection users to make precise, repetitive 2D measurements and get results that comply with the latest industrial standards. The software makes microscopy workflows faste

Olympus | 27-01-2022

Debug probe software now offered for Microsoft Windows on Arm

SEGGER has released a J-Link software package specifically for Windows on Arm platform. It may be downloaded and employed with all J-Link and J-Trace units at no cost. The new package runs the software natively on Arm processors, making

Segger | 29-12-2021

64-bit RISC-V support added to new software release

SEGGER's latest release of Embedded Studio for RISC-V added support for 64-bit RISC-V CPUs, including RV64I, RV64E and RV64GC with floating-point unit. It is provided with integrated SEGGER emRun C/C++ runtime and emFloat floating-point

Segger | 15-12-2021

Microscope software adds powerful analytical capabilities for efficient workflows

The Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope has gained a reputation for outstanding image quality and simplicity of use. New software adds powerful measurement abilities and usability upgrades to the device, making it a faster and more comprehen

Olympus | 19-11-2021

Joining forces to accelerate autonomous vehicle software deployment

The eSync Alliance and the Autoware Foundation have formed a joint workgroup to investigate how OTA updates and data gathering may be optimally combined into the software stack for the next generation of autonomous vehicles based on its sec

eSync Alliance | 15-11-2021

RTD software for new MCU family entering production

NXP has launched its Real-Time Drivers (RTD) software supporting all S32 automotive processors featuring Arm Cortex-M or Cortex-R52 cores. One of several new offerings in the S32 software enablement platform, RTD supports the new S32K3 and

NXP | 29-10-2021

Location hyper-precise tracking software improves GPS

Geo-location startup, Naurt, has announced full public access to a game-changing software set to unlock the future of hyper-precise location tracking. After a year of beta testing with a pilot group of high-profile local and international b

Naurt | 25-10-2021

Hardware and software for cell and battery testing

Intepro Systems offers a full set of test services for the battery industry, incorporating cell and battery testers up to 2MW and battery simulators for application in research and by OEMs in the EV, aerospace industry and others. As well a

Intepro | 19-10-2021

Added support for MCUs to 'universal' software development kit

MikroElektronika has stated that its multi-architectural software development kit, mikroSDK 2.0, now supports 147 MCUs from NXP. mikroSDK is a compilation of open-source software libraries with unified API and software development tools, ma

Mikroelektronika | 19-10-2021

Innovative security upgrades to switch management software

Abaco Systems has released OpenWare V6.6, which provides an innovative networking solution with extra features and security patches on its flexible networking management software. This release is one of its promised updates to OpenWare ever

Abaco Systems | 18-10-2021

Software to support non-signalling RF tests of 5G base stations

Anritsu Corporation offers two software packages that enhance its Radio Communications Test Station MT8000A to support non-signalling RF tests of 5G BTS. With the Base Station Test Suite for 5G NR mmWave MX800045A and Base Station Test Suit

Anritsu | 11-10-2021