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Accelerating O-RAN interoperability testing with real-time analyser

Viavi Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) has expanded its NITRO Wireless portfolio by adding XhaulAdvisor, a scalable software solution providing real-time data for fronthaul verification, ana

Industrial | 24-11-2023

NTN and HAPs network testing for 5G and 6G satellite communication

Viavi Solutions Inc offers the base station and end-to-end testing supporting NTN and HAPs. Wireless technologies are increasingly supplementing conventional terrestrial communicat

Test & Measurement | 29-08-2023

First RedCap device emulation boosts 5G IoT commercialisation

Viavi Solutions Inc has launched the industry's first RedCap device emulation for 5G network testing, enabling true performance validation for IoT and private networks based on a n

Test & Measurement | 04-08-2023

Handheld test set for field testing tactical and land mobile radios and networks

Viavi Solutions Inc has released the CX100 ComXpert Communications Service Monitor. This portable test set is a dependable, efficient solution for defence radio maintainers and tec

Test & Measurement | 16-05-2023

6G program drives academic and industry research

Viavi Solutions Inc supports 6G academic and industry research worldwide via its new 6G Forward program. The program is intended to offer vital expertise, technology, and funding t

New Technologies | 18-08-2022

Radio altimeter test solution designed for a new era of secure aviation

VIAVI Solutions Inc. has launched the ALT-9000 universal radio altimeter (RADALT) flight line test set. As manufacturers produce RADALTs with more sophisticated waveforms to addres

Test & Measurement | 05-05-2022

Full fibre acceptance test made fast and simple

Viavi Solutions Inc. has launched FiberComplete PRO, a fibre test solution with a suite of capabilities which substitutes six test instruments. It is the first single test port sol

Test & Measurement | 14-03-2022

First fully integrated test product for pluggable 800G transceivers

Viavi Solutions has expanded the VIAVI ONT solution portfolio with the 800G FLEX XPM Module, claimed to be the industry’s first fully-integrated test product for pluggable 800G tra

Subs & Systems | 19-05-2021

New eight-lane analyser platform for PCIe 5.0

Viavi Solutions has introduced the Xgig 5P8 Analyser Platform for PCI Express 5.0, enabling equipment manufacturers to assure performance in accordance with the newest revision of

Subs & Systems | 04-08-2020