Official support for debugging in Visual Studio Code

17-11-2023 | Segger | Industrial

SEGGER has announced its official support for debugging embedded systems in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with all members of the J-Link family, from J-Link BASE to J-Link PRO, including J-Link EDU Mini and J-Link OB.

VS Code is a free-of-charge and open-source tool. It has become a popular utility for software development and is widely used for embedded project development.

Its available extensions add more capabilities exceeding the scope of source code editing, including extensions for debugging embedded systems.

With the support of J-Link, the most widely employed line of debug probes on the market, its advanced features, such as I/O via RTT or SWO, Live Watches, and RTOS Awareness, facilitate efficient debugging in VS Code.

J-Link adds support for thousands of devices and embedded platforms. All supported devices can be employed without buying an additional license.

"The official support for J-Link and VS Code is a commitment to the embedded software community," says Dirk Akemann, marketing manager at SEGGER. "SEGGER ensured the smooth and ablest integration and provides examples, instructions, and official documentation. It is safe to say that J-Link is the one debug probe for all VS Code users."

VS Code and all J-Link tools are provided for Linux, macOS, and Windows, in 32-bit and 64-bit systems, on Arm, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

J-Link is provided with free software and firmware updates with no hidden costs or future costs.

By Seb Springall