Development ecosystem expanded with MPLAB XC-DSC compiler

21-11-2023 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

With the fast growth of the industrial and autonomous vehicles markets, there is an ever-increasing need for software tools that allow faster and more efficient coding and debugging in real-time control applications. To better serve developers using dsPIC DSCs, which are frequently employed in real-time control systems, Microchip Technology has launched the MPLAB XC-DSC Compiler.

The latest addition to the company's compiler line, the MPLAB XC-DSC, is optimised to enable developers to write and debug efficient, high-performance code for dsPIC DSCs more easily and efficiently. dsPIC DSCs combine a DSP's high performance with a standard MCU's simplicity to meet the needs of time-critical embedded applications.

The MPLAB XC-DSC compiler PRO license unlocks access to optimisations that enable designers to minimise code size, generate faster code, decrease memory and power needs and access the full potential of DSC designs. Unlike traditional licensing options, the company supplies access to the software on a per-project or as-needed basis, reducing cost and increasing flexibility.

License options are Workstation License, Network Server License, Subscription License and Site License.

MPLAB XC compilers support Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems, allowing designers to utilise their platform of choice for embedded development.

MPLAB XC compilers simplify the design process and accelerate time to market by providing a comprehensive toolchain of compatible compilers and debuggers/programmers that work seamlessly within the MPLAB X IDE. The IDE is a versatile, multi-platform, free software program that decreases the learning curve and tool investments needed for software development.

By Seb Springall