Automotive grade surge withstanding chip resistor has outstanding pulse handling

Many types of electronic products across various market segments need higher reliability components. Automotive grade resistors offer increased reliability and enhanced performance without the high cost and limited availability of component

Stackpole | 26-04-2024

Phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators meet next-gen RF needs

Pasternack has launched its newest product lines of phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators featuring an intuitive dial design. The products are designed to enhance performance and precision in telecommunications, aerospace and

Pasternack | 25-04-2024

EV fuse options expanded as global market grows

Bel Fuse Inc. is expanding its fuses for EV and HEV with a complete line of 800V offerings, complementing the company’s line of 500V and 1,000V fuses. The fuses come in a variety of formats and mounting options and are suitable for opera

Bel Fuse | 23-04-2024

RF fixed attenuators and terminations operate at up to 6GHz

Pasternack has revealed its line of RF fixed attenuators and terminations capable of operating up to 6GHz. These cutting-edge components fulfil the rigorous demands of modern wireless communication systems, featuring maximum power rating

Pasternack | 19-04-2024

Innovative IoT antennas with LoRa capabilities drive new design

Amphenol RF has expanded its antenna portfolio with external, spring and embedded chip antennas developed to meet the increasing demand for long-range, low-power connectivity solutions. LoRa technology has emerged as a game-changer in the r

Amphenol | 16-04-2024

Four terminal shunt chip resistors deliver for high-efficiency applications

Applications requiring high-efficiency current sensing, such as avionics, communications and infrastructure, tablets, and graphics drivers, generally demand extremely low resistance values. Nonetheless, ensuring sensing accuracy poses a for

Stackpole | 16-04-2024

High performance two stage EMI filters for line-to-ground and line-to-line emissions

EMIS now offers the MF410 series of Single-Phase Two-Stage EMI Filters, which provide superior performance when utilised in applications with low impedance loads creating pulsed, continuous, or intermittent interference noise and where high

EMIS | 15-04-2024

LoRa radio module simplifies wireless design and supply-chain management for IoT

Murata has unveiled its groundbreaking Type 2GT module, a multi-band LoRa module that marks a notable leap forward in the development of IoT devices needing versatile wireless connectivity. This highly integrated module stands out by provid

Murata | 12-04-2024

New and high-reliability defence-spec capacitors for demanding applications

Kyocera AVX has released the new TCD Series DLA 04051 and COTS-Plus conductive polymer capacitors. These new high-reliability conductive polymer capacitors are engineered for usage in demanding aerospace, defence, and industrial application

Kyocera AVX | 11-04-2024

Innovative trihedral corner reflectors improve radar and antenna testing accuracy

Pasternack has launched its new trihedral corner reflectors. These reflectors, featuring a unique trihedral design, are set to revolutionise radar and antenna testing applications by optimising signal reflection and measurement accuracy.

Pasternack | 11-04-2024

New series of power capacitors for operating temperatures up to +105C

TDK Corporation offers a new series of EPCOS power capacitors for DC link applications developed for an operating temperature of up to +105C. The components with the ordering code B25695E can function at rated DC voltages from 700V to 1300V

TDK | 10-04-2024

Three-cell devices offer greater energy potential and power output than single or dual-cell parts

Knowles' Cornell Dubilier brand has announced its latest EDLC modules, or supercapacitor modules, are now available through New Yorker Electronics. Based on Knowles' Cornell Dubilier brand DGH and DSF Series supercapacitors, these cutting-e

New Yorker Electronics | 09-04-2024

New RF fixed attenuators offer high power and precise control

Fairview Microwave has launched its new RF fixed attenuators with 3.5mm connectors. The attenuators are created to satisfy the demands of modern communication systems, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability. The new RF fixed

Fairview Microwave | 25-03-2024

Efficient signal distribution is the hallmark of new waveguide power dividers

Pasternack has launched its waveguide power dividers. Precision-made to fulfil the pressing needs of engineers and technicians in the field, these two-way power dividers are a big advancement in signal distribution technology. Created wi

Pasternack | 22-03-2024