New device redefines power supply noise suppression

Murata has unveiled a notable advancement in the realm of electronic components with the release of its innovative L Cancel Transformer (LCT). This exceptional product is the first

Power | 22-05-2024

LoRa radio module simplifies wireless design and supply-chain management for IoT

Murata has unveiled its groundbreaking Type 2GT module, a multi-band LoRa module that marks a notable leap forward in the development of IoT devices needing versatile wireless conn

Passives | 12-04-2024

Three-terminal MLCC attains industry-leading capacitance in a compact package

Murata has extended its line-up of high-Q-rated MLCC. Designed for high-frequency module applications such as those used in cellular communication infrastructure, the GJM022 series

Passives | 22-02-2024

Automotive-grade power inductors deliver the highest industry standards

Murata has expanded its line-up by releasing the DFE2MCPH_JL series of automotive-grade power inductors with values of 0.33µH and 0.47µH, specifically designed for automotive power

Passives | 01-02-2024

Next-generation 6DoF inertial sensor offers market-leading performance

The Murata SCH16T-K01 is an inertial 6DoF XYZ-axis gyroscope and XYZ-axis accelerometer that enables high-precision machine control and positioning applications. The device is the

Test & Measurement | 12-01-2024

Parasitic element coupling device enables high efficiency and smaller antenna design

Murata has revealed its new Parasitic Element Coupling Device. This state-of-the-art solution improves antenna efficiency by magnetically coupling the parasitic element with the an

Passives | 13-12-2023

World's smallest and thinnest 1µF as LW reversed MLCC for automotive

Murata has extended their lead in manufacturing MLCCs for automotive applications by releasing its LLC series. The components provide a reversed termination for low ESL and are in

Passives | 31-10-2023

New high-sensitivity ultrasonic sensor supports greater vehicle autonomy

Murata has introduced a new ultrasonic sensor device for deployment in automotive applications. With high sensitivity and rapid responsiveness, the MA48CF15-7N is housed in a herme

Test & Measurement | 29-06-2023

Pioneering resin moulding MLCCs for high-volt EV powertrains

Murata has launched MLCC products that successfully draw on the company’s advanced resin moulding capabilities. The resulting EVA series of MLCCs have properties that will be highl

Power | 30-05-2023

Capacitance successfully raised per unit area benchmark with 10μF MLCCs

Through its latest MLCC release, Murata is meeting the increasing need for components with elevated capacitance levels combined with miniaturised form factors and improved temperat

Passives | 23-05-2023

Multi-protocol wireless module offers extensive communication capabilities

Murata has further boosted its portfolio of state-of-the-art wireless communication modules. The company’s new LBEE5XV2EA solution employs an Infineon CYW55573 SoC. As well as supp

Semiconductors | 29-03-2023

Wireless module offers Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN connectivity together

Murata introduces the new LBES5PL2EL module. The device is highly optimised to satisfy the strict demands of next-generation IoT hardware – where having Matter connectivity is beco

Semiconductors | 27-03-2023

Compact common mode choke coils meet demands of ADAS

Murata has introduced the DLW32PH122XK2 wire wound chip common mode choke coil. AEC-Q200-qualified, this 1210-inch size (3.2mm × 2.5mm) component is aimed at suppressing wideband c

Passives | 21-03-2023

Highly accurate long range LoRa-based asset tracking technology demo

Murata will have its latest product innovations on display at Embedded World. Among the demonstrations that visitors to the company's stand will be able to see is a sophisticated a

Test & Measurement | 13-03-2023