FORTEC United Kingdom

The ultimate low-profile power supply for industrial applications

FORTEC UK has introduced the new HFA3500TF from Cosel, an innovative low-profile three-phase, 3500W AC/DC enclosed power supply developed specifically for demanding industrial appl

Power | 19-06-2024

Mastering complexity in instrumentation in the advancing instrumentation sector

FORTEC United Kingdom is at the forefront of the rapidly advancing instrumentation sector, driven by the extraordinary capabilities of modern embedded systems. Its commitment to st

Industrial | 10-05-2024

Power supply redefines standards

Fortec UK has introduced Cincon's new LFM420S Series. Engineered with precision and innovation, this series delivers an impressive 420W output power in a compact 5" x 3.29" x 1" fr

Power | 08-05-2024

Display card revolutionises medical displays

Cervoz has unveiled its groundbreaking M.2 2280 LVDS Display Card, MEC-DIS-271L. Available through FORTEC UK, the display card is engineered to heighten display capabilities not on

Industrial | 13-03-2024

New SBC introduced for high performance in edge computing

FORTEC Integrated offers the new IB961 SBC from iBASE. It is equipped with powerful Raptor Lake Intel Core processors, offering 4 to 6 performance cores and 4 to 8 efficiency cores

Industrial | 11-03-2024

Revolutionising medical equipment design with advanced embedded systems

FORTEC UK is acutely aware of the crucial role that embedded systems play in the evolution, especially as the requirements for medical applications undergo significant transformati

Medical | 21-02-2024

Android 13 on panel PCs for the industrial and medical arenas

FORTEC Integrated has collaborated with Emteria to provide x86 panel PCs featuring Android 13. This integration integrates the high computing power of the x86 architecture with the

Industrial | 13-02-2024

Embedded systems at the forefront of medical technology innovation

Integrating advanced technology becomes imperative as the healthcare sector faces growing demands for precision, efficiency, and innovation. Embedded systems, characterised by thei

Medical | 12-02-2024

Box PC designed for enhanced transportation applications

FORTEC United Kingdom has added the AAEON VPC-5620S in-vehicle embedded BOX PC to its portfolio. A product developed to support advanced applications in the transportation sector.

Automotive & Transport | 20-12-2023

E-paper display series is eco-friendly and energy efficient

FORTEC United Kingdom has introduced the Litemax E-Paper Display Series, a revolutionary range of eco-friendly, energy-efficient displays developed for transportation and many appl

Industrial | 01-12-2023