Luso Electronics

New medical and industrial power supplies offer 520W peak power

Luso Electronic Products offers the Enedo Power MDP520 and DDP520 series of power supplies, which can deliver a long-lasting 520W peak and steady 460W power in a 3" x 5" open frame

Power | 08-03-2024

Ultra-compact 50W unit to medical AC/DC range

P-DUKE has expanded its medical-grade open-frame power supplies portfolio by adding the new MAD50 series, ranging from 15W to 450W. The range is available now from Luso Electronics

Power | 26-02-2024

Ultra-wide DC-DC simplifies design for EN50155 rail applications

P-Duke now offers another ultra-wide input voltage range DC-DC converter, the RED40U, to its selection of DC-DC converters with a 12:1 input voltage range. This DC-DC converter ser

Power | 18-05-2023

Ultra-compact power supply delivers full power with no fan required

The XL180, available from Luso Electronics, is one of the smallest 180W power supplies available, in a 2” x 3” footprint, yet despite its small size, the full 180W output power is

Power | 09-05-2023

New 1500W power supplies added to compact medical series

Delta expands the MEB Series with the release of the 1,500W medical grade enclosed power supply – MEB-1K5A. The device is a compact 5” x 8.03” footprint and supplies a single outpu

Power | 25-04-2023

Compact high voltage amplifier module designed for ease of use

The HVM uHVA series, available now from Luso Electronics, is a family of miniature, bi-polar, zero-crossing high voltage amplifiers able to produce a high voltage up to ±5kV in res

Power | 17-03-2023

Rcd Modules for Wallbox and Totem EV Chargers

EEMPL has released its latest product series of high-quality RCD magnetic modules, available now from Luso Electronics. Aimed particularly at residential wall boxes and public char

Power | 27-02-2023