Enhanced automotive-grade high-voltage CMOS foundry solution

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has updated its XP018 high-voltage CMOS semiconductor fabrication platform with new 40V and 60V high-voltage primitive devices, which offer an extended S

Semiconductors | 28-05-2024

New generation of enhanced performance SPAD devices focused on NIR

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has introduced a specific NIR version to its SPAD device portfolio. Like the previous SPAD generation launched in 2021, this version is based on the comp

Semiconductors | 27-11-2023

Adding CMOS integration option to galvanic isolation solution

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE makes further significant progress with its galvanic isolation technology. Building on the 2018 introduction of its advanced process optimised for robust

Semiconductors | 08-11-2023

Ground-breaking new architecture now available on 180nm technology

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, together with Attopsemi, announced that the latest version of Attopsemi‘s I-fuse IP with its next-generation architecture had successfully demonstrated on

Semiconductors | 16-05-2022

Automotive embedded Flash offered from high-voltage CMOS technology portfolio

X-FAB Silicon Foundries offers a new Flash memory capability for its XP018 high-voltage automotive process. This new Flash IP leverages the company’s already widely proven SONOS te

Automotive & Transport | 16-04-2021

Latest APD and SPAD devices offer large improvements in performance

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has launched its latest generation of avalanche photodiode (APD) and single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) devices. Using its proven automotive-qualified 180

Semiconductors | 08-02-2021

Collaboration satisfies the memory requirements of 5G technology

X-FAB Silicon Foundries together with Attopsemi, innovator of I-fuse OTP IP solutions have entered into a collaboration to fulfil the memory needs of 5G technology. The companies h

New Technologies | 13-10-2020

Technology platform optimised for smart actuators and power management

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has released new medium-voltage transistors – complementing the company’s 180nm BCD-on-SOI technology platform (XT018). The new medium-voltage devices in

Automotive & Transport | 25-02-2020

Semiconductor process offers expanded capacity for high-voltage technology

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced that its high-voltage 180nm CMOS semiconductor process (XH018) is now offered for automotive applications through the company’s production fac

Semiconductors | 30-07-2019

Technology platform designed for next-generation automotive applications

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE offers the availability of new high-voltage primitive devices aimed at the expanding market for automotive 48V board net and battery management system (B

Automotive & Transport | 18-07-2019

Highly-sensitive SPAD and APD devices for extremely low light conditions and augmented sensitivity

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has APD and SPAD products for usage in scenarios where there are remarkably low light conditions to battle with and augmented sensitivity is required, as we

Test & Measurement | 27-06-2019

Successful open-source RISC-V microcontroller launched through crowdfunding

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, together with crowd-sourcing IC platform partner Efabless Corporation, launched the first-silicon availability of the Efabless RISC-V SoC reference design.

Semiconductors | 19-06-2019