Cutting-edge solution for medical capacitor charging and AC/DC power supplies

Display Technology offers the new FC1500 Series, particularly designed to fulfil the demanding power needs of medical laser applications. The FC15M model, supplied with a configurable AC/DC power supply and unparalleled features, establishe

Display Technology | 14-06-2023

Powering on a battery-operated medical or IoT device

Rhopoint Components Ltd has produced this guide for options and considerations to Extend Battery Life. Battery-operated, wirelessly connected devices are becoming increasingly pervasive in today's society. Driven forward by advancements in

Rhopoint Components Ltd | 12-06-2023

Industrial motherboard supports extensive graphics performance

Review Display Systems has announced the introduction of an AMD-powered mini-ITX SBC from Kontron. The new high-performance Kontron D3723-R mini-ITX industrial motherboard supports the AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000 series processors with integra

Review Display | 12-06-2023

µModule regulator for low-noise sensitive applications

Mouser is now shipping the LTM8080 µModule regulator fraom Analog Devices. The device is a super low-noise, dual output DC-DC μModule regulator with patented silicon, layout and packaging innovations, specifically created to power digital l

Mouser Electronics | 08-06-2023

High current output voltage references offer low power and high precision

Analog Devices Inc. ADR3630 High Current Output Voltage References, available now from Mouser, are low power, high precision power management IC voltage references providing a 3ppm/C (maximum) temperature coefficient for the B grade in an 8

Mouser Electronics | 05-06-2023

Miniature six-axis force-torque sensor elevates robotics performance

Bota Systems has released its smallest sensor yet, the MiniONE. Created to improve micro-robotic systems with haptic feedback, the MiniONE is a six-axis sensor that is straightforward to install between a robot arm and nearly any end-of-arm

Bota Systems | 26-05-2023

Optical bonding of displays is a mature method for HMI display optimisation

Optical bonding has proved itself in industry and medicine and is a technically mature method of HMI display optimisation. Employing various bonding technologies, cover glasses with touch sensors and displays are bonded to create a single u

Schurter | 25-05-2023

Smart accelerometers increase efficiency for wearables

Mouser now stocks the LIS2DUX12 and LIS2DUXS12 AI-enhanced smart accelerometers from STMicroelectronics. Using the company's third-generation MEMS technology, the accelerometers accurately detect events and gestures with high accuracy and l

Mouser Electronics | 23-05-2023

Connector family provides suitable connections for a wide range of applications

The Mini-Fit connectors from Molex offer high flexibility and are outstanding for usage even with difficult designs. These connectors are now available from Rutronik and are mutually and downwardly compatible in their respective category. W

Rutronik | 22-05-2023

LEDs for laboratory/research and industrial datacomms applications

OMC has designed LEDs for coupling visible wavelengths across the complete visible light spectrum into either 1mm core size polymer optical fibre or 200 microns or larger glass optical fibre. Its expertise in designing and manufacturing fib

OMC | 22-05-2023

State-of-the-art sensors for clinical analysis and components for lab automation

Panasonic Systems and Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, will provide comprehensive solutions for laboratory automation at the EuroMedLab 2023. It will display a wide portfolio of sensors and automation components for labor

Panasonic | 12-05-2023

Highly integrated new wireless power transmitter IC charges applications up to 50W

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its portfolio of wireless charging controller ICs, providing a highly integrated, easy-to-design, and cost-effective solution for applications needing higher wireless power transfer. These comprise indu

Infineon | 10-05-2023

Green laser diode for industrial and medical applications

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM Metal Can TO56 PLT5 522FA_P green laser diode. This device offers a highly efficient radiation source for continuous wave and pulsed operation for use in industrial automation, 3D sensing, and gesture recogni

Mouser Electronics | 04-05-2023

CryptoAuthentication device for secure connected systems now available

Mouser now stocks the Microchip Technology ATECC608B CryptoAuthentication device. Supplying ultra-secure cryptographic elements that allow more secure connected systems, the device is excellent for various IoT applications in home automatio

Mouser Electronics | 03-05-2023