16W AC/DC series provides comprehensive certifications

06-06-2024 | RECOM Power | Power

RECOM has added new parts rated at 16W to its range of compact and cost-effective AC/DCs in industry-standard pinned and wired formats. Intended for straightforward integration into any system, the RACM16E-K/277 series measures just 2" x 1.08" x 0.9" (52.7mm x 27.6mm x 23mm) and provides a wide input range from 85VAC to 305VAC covering 100-277VAC nominals, or 120-430VDC for universal applications, and a selection of outputs: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 30V, all fully regulated. The 3.3V output part is rated at 12W. The parts have a constant current limit characteristic to suit non-linear loads and a short circuit 'hiccup' mode. Over-voltage and overload protection are included.

The series holds certifications to IEC 62368, IEC 61558, EN 60335, and UL/IEC/EN 60601 standards. For medical applications, the parts are rated 2MOPP to 5000m altitude in over-voltage category II (OVCII) environments and 2MOOP to 4000m/OVCIII. The series also fulfils the patient applied-part BF touch current specification. EMI specification EN 55032 Class B limit is met with a floating load and no-load power consumption is less than 100mW to meet eco-design necessities.

The series provides high efficiency, maintained down to light loads, allowing a safety agency-rated operating temperature of -40C to +85C with derating from 60C or higher depending on the output variant. The series is rated for pollution degree 2 (PD2) environments and attains high reliability with over 1M hours MTBF at 40C according to MIL-HDBK-217 (GB).

Typical applications for the series include housekeeping power in EV chargers, industrial automation, lighting, IoT, medical, measurement, and smart energy systems.

Michael Schrutka, MSc, product manager AC/DC of RECOM, comments: "These compact AC/DCs have universal application with their wide temperature and input range, selection of outputs and comprehensive certifications.

Parts include a three-year warranty; samples are available from distributors or RECOM.


By Seb Springall

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