Connectivity devices meet the challenge of adverse environments

ShowMeCables has added various Bulgin connectivity devices to its portfolio. These devices are made to withstand adverse environments. They comprise battery holders, fuse holders,

Industrial | 11-06-2024

Pro features highlight on new 42U server rack cabinets

ShowMeCables has released a new line of 42U server rack cabinets. The two dozen models fit standard 19"-wide components such as servers, patch panels, PDUs and routers. The cabinet

Industrial | 04-06-2024

New open-frame four-post network racks offer customisable depths

ShowMeCables offers a new line of open-frame four-post network racks. They hold standard 19"-wide IT equipment and provide adjustable interior and exterior depths that hold large s

Industrial | 31-05-2024

New line of fibre optic transceivers for telecom and IT applications

ShowMeCables has announced its new line of fibre optic transceivers created to satisfy the needs of telecom service providers, the data communications industry and IT departments.

Subs & Systems | 04-11-2021

New antennas for IoT wireless applications and amateur radio

ShowMeCables is now providing L-com-brand Omnidirectional and rubber duck antennas for IoT and wireless applications, and amateur radio. The Omnidirectional antennas comprise 15 mo

Subs & Systems | 25-09-2020

RF cable assemblies and interconnects in both standard and custom configurations

ShowMeCables now offers Pasternack’s line of RF coax cables, connectors and assemblies for use in wireless telecom, defence and commercial wireless products. This line of RF cable

Subs & Systems | 09-06-2020

New Cat5e angled Ethernet cables ideal for confined spaces

ShowMeCables now offers L-com’s Category 5e angled Ethernet cables that are perfect for installations in tight spaces. This line of Cat5e angled Ethernet cables comprises more than

Subs & Systems | 29-04-2020

Commercial-grade HDMI cables offer high-frequency noise suppression

ShowMeCables has introduced a new series of commercial-grade HDMI cables perfect for video transfer, audio/video installers, commercial electronics, video system design and gaming

Subs & Systems | 09-03-2020

Cat6 angled patch cables for tight-fit and dense connectivity applications

ShowMeCables now offers patented L-com brand Category 6-rated, angled patch cables. These new category six-rated, angled Ethernet cables showcase a unique, patented design that fac

Subs & Systems | 12-12-2019