NiMH professional quality battery charger maximises battery cell performance

Mascot AS has introduced its next-generation high-quality, high-performance NiMH battery charger, the new model 4040 NIMH. The 4040 uses a three-stage charging profile with an MCU

Power | 31-05-2024

Professional quality Li-Ion charger for up to 14 Li-Ion battery cells

Mascot AS offers its next-generation high-quality and high-performance lithium-ion battery charger for the new 4040LI model. The model uses a three-stage charging profile with a mi

Power | 31-03-2023

Two new NiMH models to versatile battery charger family

Mascot has extended its 3743 and 3546 range of versatile, high-performance Blueline charger models to include new NiMH versions. The two new models are configurable and employ smar

Power | 14-12-2021

Power supply with medical certification gives excellent quality-to-price ratio

Mascot has extended its Blueline portfolio of power supplies with the switch-mode 3920 external PSU. The 3920 is medically certified in accordance with EN 60601-1 edition 3.1 (safe

Power | 19-04-2021

SMPS with medical certification provides good quality-to-price ratio

The latest addition to the Mascot Blueline series of power supplies is the switch mode 3820 external PSU. Created to satisfy global power conversion demands, the device is medicall

Power | 08-07-2020