Hospital-grade coiled power cords prevent accidental disconnections

L-com has introduced a new line of coiled, hospital-grade power cords. These cords are designed to eradicate accidental disconnections and enable movement for critical equipment em

Power | 21-05-2024

New IEC connectors and power entry modules plus PDUs unveiled

L-com has introduced new lines of IEC connectors and power entry modules, IEC connector accessories and IEC power distribution units. Collectively, the products bring reliable and

Power | 27-02-2024

Fibre optic adapters and connectors improve rack efficiency

L-com has released four new lines of fibre optic connectors and adapters with features that will take a user's fibre installation to the next level of performance. The new addition

Industrial | 20-11-2023

Low-profile waterproof indoor/outdoor omnidirectional antennas

L-com has introduced a line of low-profile, weatherproof omnidirectional antennas that cover a wide frequency range from 650MHz to 5.85GHz. They also have linear polarisation and p

Passives | 16-10-2023

New grounding accessories provide lightning protection

L-com has introduced a line of grounding accessories to prevent shock hazards and disruptions to facility power systems generated by lightning strikes. The accessories are intended

Power | 12-10-2023

Rugged power cords resist weather and oil

L-com has introduced a line of SJTOW power cords for usage outdoors and in extreme indoor industrial environments. All 13 extension cords are resistant to oil, weather, and water.

Industrial | 25-08-2023

Compact stamped metal antennas in a wide variety of frequencies

L-com has released a new line of stamped metal antennas. These AP/router-embedded antennas deliver performance, ultra-compactness and ruggedness. The new omnidirectional stamped me

Passives | 16-08-2023

New remote electrical tilt antennas enable instant adjustment of coverage

L-com has released a line of RET sector and omnidirectional antennas. The antenna beams in these products can be altered remotely and continually to respond to changing traffic pat

Passives | 14-08-2023

Expanded line of IP68 of waterproof and dustproof outdoor cable assemblies

L-com has revealed the expansion of its IP68, ODVA-compatible, MPO fibre optic outdoor cable assemblies. The new assemblies are dustproof and waterproof for various outdoor uses, i

Industrial | 17-04-2023

New environmental sensors detect ambient and UV light

L-com has expanded its line of IoT light-detection environmental sensors. The sensors gauge ambient or ultraviolet light. The new sensors help in the usage of IoT data collection t

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2023

Expanded line of IoT air quality and water leak sensors

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, has expanded its line of IoT air quality and water leak environmental sensors. Every air quality sensor monitors one or more of alcohol, ammon

Test & Measurement | 03-04-2023

Expanded line of AC and DC sensors for IoT applications

L-com has expanded its line of AC and DC sensors. Ideal for IoT applications, the new AC and DC sensors protect electrical systems from over-current, short circuits and inefficient

Test & Measurement | 06-03-2023

Fibre optic transceiver product line expanded

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, has increased its line of fibre optic transceivers. Over 300 new coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) and dense wavelength division

LED Displays/Opto-electronics | 04-10-2022

Expanded line of sensors address IoT applications

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, has expanded its line of sensors that address IoT applications. The new IoT sensors accurately measure pressure, temperature, humidity, dissol

Test & Measurement | 26-08-2022