New 4K high-brightness LCD interactive table for retail and beyond

Zytronic has announced the launch of its latest innovation – a 55” 4K high-brightness LCD interactive table. This state-of-the-art table is not just a piece of furniture, but a com

Industrial | 22-05-2024

Expanding touchscreen design for a wide range of applications

Zytronic expands its footprint in North America with touchscreen design and integration specialist AGDisplays. The company provides a broad range of applications with a strong focu

Industrial | 15-11-2022

Touch technology makes ultra-thin double-sided LCD interactive

Zytronic's Japanese partner and touch display integration specialist, DISIGN, has developed its infoverre super-thin, double-sided LCD unit into an interactive touchscreen module f

Subs & Systems | 18-07-2022

PCI 5.x certification for ultra-secure PIN entry via large format touch screens

Zytronic now offers an ultra-secure version of its rugged, customised touch screens that supports PIN entry applications available through its development partner, Cryptera. Its fu

Subs & Systems | 04-04-2022

Interactive video wall technology with a seamless multitouch transition

Zytronic has introduced the new ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology, developed to offer stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables. Developed to mirror the narrowest

Subs & Systems | 24-01-2022

Custom touch technology helps enable a fun new facet to socialising

The fast-moving hospitality industry is always looking for novel ways to differentiate its brands while increasing ROI and loyalty based on enhanced customer experiences. Raising t

Subs & Systems | 28-05-2021

Innovative method of delivering power through glass invisibly

Zytronic has introduced an innovative method of achieving power through glass invisibly. Called ElectroglaZ, this patent-pending technology offers new opportunities for low power d

New Technologies | 09-03-2021

Interactive tables get a significant upgrade with multitouch sensor

Zytronic has revealed its patented multitouch projected capacitive technology has been chosen by Ideum for its next-generation Pano Duo 49” interactive touch table. The essential d

New Technologies | 08-01-2021

Third dimension added to touch with hover technology

Zytronic has launched a contactless sensing option that is able to detect user interactions up to 30mm away from the surface of the glass. Based upon the company’s fully customisab

Test & Measurement | 12-10-2020

Touch/virtual button all-in-one design concept for rugged applications

Zytronic has extended its capability and can now work closely with clients to design and produce projected capacitive user interfaces that join a 'traditional' dynamic touch area w

Subs & Systems | 27-03-2020