Development Boards

Low-cost hardware platform enables easy design and debug for IoT applications

The Cypress Semiconductor PSoC 64 Standard Secure - AWS Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit, available now from RS Components, is a low-cost hardware platform that allows users to easily design and debug IoT applications with PSoC 64 Standard Secure - AWS

RS Components | 14-01-2021

Development kit for horticultural lighting applications

Würth Elektronik has launched a new Lighting Development Kit with horticulture LEDs to accelerate the development of systems for targeted plant lighting. Companies producing solutions for vertical farming in cities or optimised 'supplementa

Wurth | 24-06-2020

5G and AI-enabled robotics platform delivers cutting-edge connectivity

Qualcomm Technologies has announced the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform – the company’s most advanced, integrated, comprehensive offering created specifically for robotics. Building on the successful Robotics RB3 platform and its wide adopti

Qualcomm Technologies | 23-06-2020

IoT RFP kit for vision-based situational awareness applications

Congatec offers its new workload consolidation kit for vision-based situational awareness, qualified by Intel as Intel IoT RFP (Ready For Production) Kit. Based on a COM Express Type 6 module equipped with Intel Xeon E2 processor, the kit p

Congatec | 19-06-2020

Evaluation board is a complete demonstration and development platform

The STMicroelectronics STM32G474E-EVAL board, available now from RS Components, is a complete demonstration and development platform for the company's Arm Cortex-M4 core-based STM32G474QET6U microcontroller, created to make user application

RS Components | 29-05-2020

Dev kit for creating low-power FPGA smart embedded vision solutions

With the rise of AI, ML and the IoT, applications are shifting to the network edge where data is collected, demanding power-efficient solutions to provide more computational performance in even smaller, thermally constrained form factors. T

Microchip Technology | 21-05-2020

Hardware dev kit enables evaluation of common buck-boost converter use-cases

Texas Instruments TPS63802HDKEVM Hardware Development Kit is a universal development tool created to assist users to simply and quickly evaluate and test the most common buck-boost converter use-cases. The use-cases incorporate backup po

Texas Instruments | 19-05-2020

Smoke evaluation kit provides an 'out of the box' solution

Analog Devices EVAL-ADSMOKEKITZ is an 'out of the box' Smoke Detection Evaluation Kit based on the ADPD188BI Integrated Optical Module. The module combines a highly efficient photometric front end, two LEDs, and two PDs. The module is house

Analog Devices | 12-05-2020

FPGA kit simplifies development for AI and image processing applications

Mouser now stocks the Hello FPGA Kit from Microchip. The kit is an entry-level platform produced for end-users with low to medium experience with FPGAs. The kit supports AI and digital signal processing prototypes and incorporates a power m

Mouser Electronics | 15-04-2020

Development kit optimised for doppler-radar applications

Infineon Technologies Sense2GoL Pulse Development Kit, available now from Mouser, is a demonstration and evaluation platform based on the BGT24LTR11 Radar MMIC, controlled by the XMC4700 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 Microcontroller. The MMIC operat

Mouser Electronics | 08-04-2020

IoT sensor platform for developing apps based on remote motion and environmental sensor data

STMicroelectronics STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 ( is a Development Kit for STM32 for IoT and Wearable Sensor Applications. The is a ready-to-use box kit with wireless IoT and wearable sensor platform to assists the user

RS Components | 02-04-2020

Cost-effective PSoC development board Wi-Fi prototyping kit

The Cypress Semiconductor Wi-Fi prototyping kit, available now from RS Components, is a cost-efficient hardware platform that facilitates the design and debugs of PSoC 6 MCUs. The PSoC 6 microcontroller is developed for the IoT, providing w

RS Components | 11-03-2020

Newest multiprotocol SoC and development kit available now

The new Nordic Semiconductor multiprotocol SoC nRF52833 is now offered at Rutronik UK. It supports Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth Mesh, 802.15.4, Thread, ZigBee and proprietary 2,4GHz protocols. For developing on the nRF52833, there is also a fle

Rutronik | 03-03-2020

Learn with electric paint circuit kit development board

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Circuit Kit Development Board provides everything you require to learn about parallel circuits. No tools, no programming, no wires or special skills needed. The development kit is available now from RS Compone

RS Components | 27-01-2020