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Electropages are amongst the first to receive the latest Analog Devices component news. Analog Devices are focused on solving tough signal processing engineering challenges and playing a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as temperature, pressure, sound, light, speed, and motion into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic devices. For more up to date information about Analog Devices you can follow the company on:

GaN driver enables robust and reliable control of GaN FETs

Analog Devices, Inc. now supplies a 100V half-bridge GaN driver that simplifies the implementation of GaN FETs, providing robust gate control, high-frequency switching, and increas

Power | 07-03-2024

Facilitating breakthrough generative AI capabilities at enterprise scale

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced that it is deploying SambaNova Suite to spearhead its global AI transformation, making AI pervasive enterprise-wide. "ADI is synonymous with inno

Industrial | 15-01-2024

Advanced software-defined signal processing solution for next-gen applications

Analog Devices, Inc has released the Apollo MxFE, the most advanced software-defined, direct RF-sampling, wideband mixed-signal front-end platform. It allows next-generation applic

Industrial | 19-06-2023

Ultra-low noise µModule regulator powers noise-sensitive applications

Analog Devices, Inc has released a super low noise dual output DC-DC μModule regulator with patented silicon, layout, and packaging innovations. Operating from up to 40V input, the

Power | 24-03-2023

Reference design platform reduces time to market for radio designers

Analog Devices, Inc has released a fully integrated open radio unit (O-RU) reference design platform that allows radio designers to lower risk and time to market. The platform is a

Test & Measurement | 03-03-2023

Precision medium bandwidth signal chain platform links various sensors

Analog Devices, Inc has released a precision medium bandwidth signal chain platform enhancing system performance for signal bandwidths of DC to approximately 500kHz towards industr

Test & Measurement | 10-01-2023

Long-reach SPoE solutions for smart building and factory automation

Analog Devices, Inc offers the world’s first SPoE, PSE and PD solutions to assist customers in driving greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation and o

Power | 23-11-2022

Companies join forces to advance the adoption of phased array technology

Analog Devices, Inc and Keysight Technologies, Inc are collaborating to advance the adoption of phased array technology. This technology is crucial to realising ubiquitous connecti

Passives | 20-10-2022

Multiprotocol industrial ethernet switch platform reduces development time

Analog Devices, Inc has released the ADIN2299, a multiprotocol industrial Ethernet switch platform, to meet the connectivity demands of industrial and process automation, motion co

Industrial | 17-10-2022

First high-resolution module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems

Analog Devices, Inc now offers the industry's first high-resolution, industrial quality, iToF module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems. Allowing cameras and sensors to percei

New Technologies | 05-07-2022

Digitally tunable filters have a digitally selectable frequency of operation

Analog Devices Inc. ADMV8526 Digitally Tunable Filters, available now from Mouser, are RF band-pass filters that feature a digitally selectable frequency of operation. This device

Passives | 28-06-2022

Secure authenticator cryptographically protects products and integrates with 1-wire

Analog Devices, Inc has released the DS28E30 1-Wire ECDSA Secure Authenticator, a cost-effective solution to detect and help guard products from counterfeiting or misuse. Incorpora

Subs & Systems | 06-06-2022

New SAR ADCs simplify design while delivering excellent performance

Analog Devices Inc. has released a new portfolio of next-generation 16-to-24-bit, ultra-high precision SAR ADCs that simplify the frequently complex process of designing ADCs into

Semiconductors | 11-05-2022

MEMS accelerometer provides ultralow power for healthcare and industrial applications

Analog Devices, Inc. has released a three-axis MEMS accelerometer designed for many healthcare and industrial applications, including vital signs monitoring, hearing aids, and moti

Semiconductors | 09-05-2022