Evaluation board is a complete demonstration and development platform

29-05-2020 | RS Components | Development Boards

The STMicroelectronics STM32G474E-EVAL board, available now from RS Components, is a complete demonstration and development platform for the company's Arm Cortex-M4 core-based STM32G474QET6U microcontroller, created to make user application development easier.

The device features the MCU with cryptography and the STM32G474E-EVAL1 features a motor-control configuration board.

The full range of hardware features provided on the board assists the users to improve application development to evaluate the myriad of peripherals including USB FS, UCPD, USART, audio, ADC and DAC, differential ADC, TFT LCD, potentiometer/LDR, SRAM, microSD card, smartcard, Quad-SPI Flash memory device, FDCAN transceiver, high brightness LED, motor-control connectors, temperature sensor, and others). Extension headers provide easy connection to daughterboard, for specific applications.

The board features a STLINK-V3E as the embedded in-circuit debugger and programmer, for the STM32 MCU and the USB virtual COM port bridge.

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