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PSA certified development kit accelerates time to market for IoT devices

Arrow Electronics has released the PSoC 64 IoT Security Workshop Development Kit, a PSA Certified platform that assists in accelerating the development of secure systems employing the PSA Certified trusted methodology. The kit is the com

Arrow | 06-12-2021

IoT development board kit for industrial and smart applications

m5Stack K034 Tough ESP32 IoT Development Board Kit, available now from Mouser, is an industrial-grade programmable embedded controller that includes an Espressif ESP32 chipset with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual mode. It is furnished w

Mouser Electronics | 08-11-2021

General purpose plug-in module demonstrates capability of dev boards

The Microchip Technology PIC24FJ64GU205 General Purpose Plug-in Module (PIM) is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PIC24FJ64GP205 and PIC24FJ64GU205 family using the Explorer 16/32 Development Board (DM240001-2). The solution i

RS Components | 14-09-2021

Development kit deal for use in Edge IoT applications and more

The QuickLogic Qomu Development Kit, available now from Mouser, is a tiny form factor Arm Cortex-M4F MCU + eFPGA combination that fits into a USB Type-A port. This kit is optimised for the QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing initiative

Mouser Electronics | 10-08-2021

New dev kit for user development of unallocated FPGA resources

Abaco Systems now offers the Hardware Development Kit (HDK), a tool enabling users to develop unallocated Xilinx FPGA resources on Abaco boards. The HDK employs specific features in the new Xilinx Vivado ML Editions tool suite, which allow

Abaco Systems | 05-08-2021

Application kits for fast and easy development for automotive and industrial

RS Components offers a new range of evaluation and development kits for Infineon’s AURIX family of microcontrollers, which are based on the manufacturer’s 32-bit TriCore microprocessor core. The AURIX TriCore concept merges the elements

RS Components | 19-07-2021

Dev kit leverages latest LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT technology to accelerate R&D

TT Electronics has launched its S-2CONNECT Creo Development Kit with LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT to accelerate digital programmes. The kit is intended for software developers who need to reduce R&D risk and fast-tracking IoT application developme

TT Electronics | 12-07-2021

SOM development kit platform simplifies embedded product development

DIGI ConnectCore 8M Mini Development Kit is a SOM platform based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini applications processor. The kit is available now from Mouser. The Mini Dev Kit combines memory, DIGI Microcontroller Assist power management, pre-certi

Mouser Electronics | 06-07-2021

Developer kit with Wi-Fi offers powerful AI learning

The Nvidia Jetson Nano, 2GB Developer Kit, available now from RS Components, is a powerful AI computer board that has been created for both learning and for making. The kit consolidates the technical capabilities of modern AI with powerful

RS Components | 16-06-2021

Collaboration to slash IoT projects time-to-market

Time-to-market for IoT projects will be decreased by around 70% due to a collaboration between Murata and Pycom. The strategic collaboration draws together Murata’s heritage in innovative hardware, including IoT radio module technology, and

Murata | 14-06-2021

AI starter kit for rapid development of vision applications

Mouser now offers the Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit from Xilinx. The kit enables design engineers with no previous experience in AI development to rapidly implement designs and algorithms onto an FPGA platform. The kit is purpose-built t

Mouser Electronics | 09-06-2021

Development kit offers a rich set of onboard features

The Renesas Electronics evaluation kit with EK-RA2L1 board, available now from RS Components, is designed with two of three sections or areas to assist in shortening the learning curve of users and maximise the design and knowledge reuse am

RS Components | 05-05-2021

Global distribution agreement offers multi-core SoC platform and dev kits

Mouser has announced a global distribution agreement with QuickLogic Corporation. Through the agreement, the company now supplies the company’s EOS S3 microcontroller and FPGA-based platform and QuickFeather development kit. The EOS S3 s

Mouser Electronics | 20-04-2021

Versatile evaluation board offers an easy-to-use solution

The TC3X7 V2.0 TriCore Evaluation Board from Infineon Technology is a versatile tool, offering quick access to the capabilities of TriCore's powerful architecture. The solution is available now from RS Components. Applications can be create

RS Components | 08-04-2021