Smoke evaluation kit provides an 'out of the box' solution

12-05-2020 | Analog Devices | Development Boards

Analog Devices EVAL-ADSMOKEKITZ is an 'out of the box' Smoke Detection Evaluation Kit based on the ADPD188BI Integrated Optical Module. The module combines a highly efficient photometric front end, two LEDs, and two PDs. The module is housed in a custom package to stop light from passing from the LED to the photodiode without entering the smoke detection chamber.

The kit includes an EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 Development Board featuring the ADPD188BI module; EVAL-CHAMBER Smoke Chamber, which is intended to control the environment around the ADPD188BI Module; and an EVAL-ADPDUCZ Microcontroller Board.

The WaveTool GUI gives users of the kit with both low-level and high-level configurability, real-time frequency, time-domain analysis, and UDP transfer capability. The kit supports the UL-217 edition 8, UL-568 edition 7, EN-54, GB, and ISO standards. The kit lowers nuisance alarms using dual-wavelength detection with high SNR and dynamic range and provides low power dissipation for long battery life. The integrated optical module comes with one blue LED, one IR LED, and two photo diodes. Offering simplified EMC design it allows for greater diversity of industrial design options, resulting in 75% fewer discrete components in a compact 3.8mm x 5mm x 0.9mm footprint. Loop calibration at final test reduces calibration challenges with smoke detector products.

Typical applications include residential smoke detection, emerging home ecosystems and IoT applications, intelligent buildings and transportation solutions.

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