Fitting COMs with everything that application developers need

Congatec has launched a new product family, aReady.COM, which is the first key stage of its innovative aReady. strategy, which delivers a significantly smoother implementation of e

Industrial | 19-03-2024

New high-performance COM's integrated IIoT capabilities create added value

congatec is showcasing numerous new COMs at embedded world. These innovations include new Intel Core Ultra processor-based modules with integrated AI, and premieres based on innova

Industrial | 20-02-2024

Simplifying system consolidation by integrating a hypervisor on x86 COMs

congatec now includes the hypervisor in all of its new x86 COMs. The hypervisor is available as a straightforward addition to the company's x86-based COMs. The hypervisor will be i

Industrial | 02-02-2024

COM-HPC client modules bring a refreshing performance boost to the edge

congatec has announced four new high-end COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules based on the 14th Generation Intel Core processors (codename Raptor Lake-S Refresh). Representing an extension

Industrial | 12-01-2024

Next-generation AI computing for the edge

congatec introduces its latest range of COM Express Compact modules based on the Intel Core Ultra processors. Supplying a unique combination of heterogeneous compute engines, inclu

AI | 22-12-2023

New ultra-rugged CoM offers shock and vibration resistance to harsh environments

congatec has introduced six new COM Express Compact Computer-on-Modules based on a 13th Gen Intel Core processor featuring the highest ruggedness. They are designed to withstand ex

Industrial | 21-11-2023

COM-HPC provides maximum performance for mini footprints

congatec has welcomed PICMG's ratification of the COM-HPC 1.2 specification, which introduces the COM-HPC Mini form factor. This new specification delivers high-performance capabil

Industrial | 19-10-2023

New carrier board design training program accelerates knowledge transfer

congatec has launched a new carrier board design training program to impart best practice knowledge on designing in leading Computer-on-Module standards COM-HPC and SMARC. The aim

Test & Measurement | 03-03-2023

Small form factor COM-HPC to complete high-performance ecosystem

congatec will be presenting its comprehensive COM-HPC ecosystem at Embedded World. The portfolio now includes high-performance COM-HPC Server-on-Modules to ultra-compact and brand-

Industrial | 15-02-2023

Fastest client COMs generation is now available

congatec now offers the COM-HPC and COM Express Computer-on-Modules based on high-end 13th Gen Intel Core processors in BGA assembly. It expects series production of OEM designs ba

Industrial | 11-01-2023

COMs performance boost now standard-compliant

congatec has welcomed the ratification of the COM Express 3.1 standard with the launch of ten compliant COMs based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors (formerly codenamed Alder Lake)

Industrial | 02-12-2022

Accelerating real-time digitisation solutions

congatec has introduced its new ecosystem for TSN targeting networked factories and critical infrastructures. The objective of TSN's comprehensive edge computing platform portfolio

Boards | 17-11-2022

High-performance COM-HPC carrier board in Micro-ATX form factor

congatec has entered the high-end industrial workstation and desktop client market by releasing its first modular Micro-ATX compliant carrier board with COM-HPC interface. The boar

Subs & Systems | 27-07-2022

Simplifying Arm deployments with SMARC Computer-on-Module

congatec has announced its SMARC Computer-on-Modules based on NXP i.MX8 M Plus processor technology has achieved SystemReady IR certification within the Arm driven Cassini project.

Subs & Systems | 23-05-2022