Versatile evaluation board offers an easy-to-use solution

08-04-2021 | RS Components | Development Boards

The TC3X7 V2.0 TriCore Evaluation Board from Infineon Technology is a versatile tool, offering quick access to the capabilities of TriCore's powerful architecture. The solution is available now from RS Components. Applications can be created easily. The evaluation board is provided with a mixture of memories and peripherals for connection to the environment. There is also an interface for the On-Chip Debugging Features (OCDS1 and DAP).

The Infineon basic 5V TC397 application kit offers limited access to signals for early evaluation purposes. An additional touchscreen display provides convenient handling.

The board enables easy development of TriCore applications with the corresponding tools. Subsequently, the applications can be downloaded and can be tested with powerful debugger software.

The Board may also be powered by the Micro USB connector. The power consumption of it is higher than 500mA. It is also possible to power the board with a cellular battery charger with 5V output and use Micro USB for connecting.

By Natasha Shek