Bel Fuse

EV fuse options expanded as global market grows

Bel Fuse Inc. is expanding its fuses for EV and HEV with a complete line of 800V offerings, complementing the company’s line of 500V and 1,000V fuses. The fuses come in a variety o

Passives | 23-04-2024

Compact liquid cooled battery charger for industrial and mining applications

Bel Fuse Inc. has released its BCN25-1000 Series – a 25kW, liquid cooled battery charger that converts three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. Designed to be a compact solution for m

Power | 06-03-2024

Three-phase transformers for industrial and medical applications

Bel Fuse Inc. has announced that its Signal Transformer division released the expansion to their 3PH Series of Three Phase Dry Type Transformers aimed at medical, industrial, light

Power | 05-12-2023

Upgraded PoE ICMs provide maximum speed across a range of wattage

Bel Fuse Inc. has expanded its single port, 10G, NBase-T, 60W and 100W PoE, MagJack ICMs. Suitable for multiple uses, such as industrial controllers, video cameras, Wi-Fi access po

Industrial | 14-11-2023

New second-generation DC-DC converter for eMobility

Bel Fuse Inc. has released the Bel Power Solutions 700DNG40-24-8, the second generation 4kW liquid-cooled DC-DC converter. The unit creates DC voltages in HEVs and EVs suitable to

Power | 12-09-2023

Expanded dual output DC-DC converter series for railway systems

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded its RCM Series of converters with the RCM300 Series dual output DC-DC converter for railway and transportation systems. The dual output converters are rel

Power | 31-08-2023

Efficient GaN power technology for AC/DC switching power supplies

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded the EOS Power Series by adding MEPG300 and MEPG500 devices, designed especially for medical applications and based on new, efficient GaN technology. The E

Power | 28-07-2023

Titanium efficiency adjustable output power supply added to portfolio

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded its portfolio to include the TET3600-48-104RA. This 3.6kW titanium efficient AC/DC front-end power supply converts up to 277VAC into a main adjustable (42

Power | 26-04-2023

New series of fast-acting fuses for hazardous environments

Bel Fuse Inc has released its Type 0AMA series of 3mm x 8.4mm Fast-acting Fuses. These competitively priced fuses are created for barrier circuits in intrinsic safety applications

Passives | 19-04-2023

Converter designed to fulfil medium and heavy-duty eMobility requirements

Bel Fuse Inc offers a new addition to its eMobility line, the BCV200-700-8 power conversion unit. The Combo Unit System combines a 15kW bidirectional inverter-charger, a 4kW 12V do

Power | 20-02-2023