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Embedded designers easily implement USB functionality into a wider range of systems

Microchip Technology has launched the AVR DU family of MCUs. As the next generation of its 8-bit MCUs to integrate USB connectivity, the AVR DU family is designed to deliver enhanced security features and higher power delivery than previous

Microchip Technology | Semiconductors | 18-04-2024

Power MOSFETs with high-speed body diode improve efficiency of power supplies

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has launched a new range of 650V N-channel power MOSFETs. The TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 in TO-247 package are the first high-speed diode (HSD) type products in the latest generation DTMOS VI series. This gene

Toshiba | Power | 18-04-2024

Agreement announced for a wide range of connectivity solutions

Mouser has announced a global distribution agreement with Adam Tech. Adam Tech designs and manufactures a broad range of connectivity solutions for telecommunications, computing, and industrial applications. According to the agreement, Mous

Mouser Electronics | Industrial | 17-04-2024

New RF terminations deliver high power for demanding applications

Pasternack has released its latest innovation – high-power RF terminations with operating frequencies up to 6GHz. These terminations are crafted with various connectorised designs, including 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN and N-type connectors. This d

Pasternack | Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 17-04-2024

Industry’s smallest SIM card level translator

HMI has launched its HL5301WL01, a SIM card level translator with level shifting and IEC610004-2 electrostatic charge protection for SIM card ports. The translator integrates two unidirectional level shifters for the RST and CLK signals,

HMI | Semiconductors | 17-04-2024

New entry-level MCU series offers best-in-class power consumption

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the RA0 MCU Series based on the Arm Cortex-M23 processor. The new, low-cost RA0 devices deliver the industry's lowest overall power consumption for general-purpose 32-bit MCUs. The devices c

Renesas | Semiconductors | 17-04-2024

Expanded series adds 150W and 600W models with active PFC

Delta Electronics has added 150W and 600W models to its PMR Series panel-mount power supply, with maximum power outputs of up to 158.4W and 600W, respectively. The two models provide nominal voltage options of 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V. Featur

Luso Electronics | Power | 17-04-2024

DDR5 memory modules in commercial and industrial grades with fully RoHS-compliant options

Intelligent Memory is launching a family of DDR5 memory modules in commercial and industrial temperature ranges and completely lead-free options. The demand for high-speed, high-capacity memory in industrial applications is skyrocketing.

I'M Intelligent Memory | Industrial | 17-04-2024

Tool for evaluating smart sensor systems in smart homes and consumer applications

Infineon Technologies has revealed the XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino, a versatile tool for evaluating smart sensor systems in smart homes and diverse consumer applications. This innovative shield includes a wide range of sensors from the

Infineon | Semiconductors | 17-04-2024

More options for low-profile wall-mount enclosures

OKW’s stylish DIATEC plastic enclosures for wall-mount and table-top electronics are now offered in two standard colours: off-white (RAL 9002) and lava. These attractive enclosures are excellent for communications and network equipment,

OKW Enclosures | Industrial | 17-04-2024

Microcontrollers for intelligent motor control and ML applications

Mouser now supplies the MCX industrial and IoT MCUs from NXP Semiconductors. These new MCUs are high-performance, low-power microcontrollers with intelligent peripherals and accelerators for secure, intelligent motor control and machine-lea

Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors | 16-04-2024

Newest Bluetooth chips in two new compact modules

u-blox's new versatile Bluetooth LE modules ALMA-B1 and NORA-B2, integrating Nordic's new nRF54 Series chips, deliver powerful processing and high-security features for high-end and I IoT applications. u-blox has revealed two additions t

U-Blox | Semiconductors | 16-04-2024

Protocol test solution enhances support for NTN NB-IoT devices for GEO satellites

Anritsu Corporation has extended the functionality of its Signalling Tester MD8430A by introducing a protocol test solution for NTN devices for GEO satellites. As a result of the upgrade, the MD8430A can now support NTN NB-IoT technologies.

Anritsu | Test & Measurement | 16-04-2024

New low power memory compiler for power-critical applications

The mature FinFET nodes are fast becoming an interesting option for companies focused on low power applications like wearables, IoT and medical. With an appealing combination of performance, density and yield, these nodes can supply some co

SureCore | Industrial | 16-04-2024